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Are you aware of varied Pump brands/companies in India

Introduction – A pump is a device that is used to move water. It relocates a volume by physical & mechanical action. Water pumps are extensively used for industrial use and domestic use for supply water from different underground sources. Seeing its extensive usage, these pumps are available in different types & sizes as well serving varied needs & requirements.    

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Lowdown on water pumps
Well pumps are the simplest of the water pumps and they are mainly used to provide water to buildings & households. The water is attained from an underground source and the capacity with which it is transferred via pump entirely depends on the amount of water required. Let us take the example of a home where the number of kitchens & bathrooms are considered for the water requirements.   

Pumps have really played an important role in the modern agriculture. There is no doubt that it has surely provided a solution for making the utmost use of water & energy. This has only led to increase in productivity and staying ahead in the competitive agricultural market. Submersible and vertical turbine pumps play a key role in withdrawing groundwater and bringing it to the surface. As far as surface water intake is concerned, centrifugal pumps, end suction pumps and split case pumps serve the purpose well. 
The features of a pump decide the pump’s power and its usage. The features really play an important role if you require a pump for a particular application. Powerful pumps will waste more power and eventually result in low water pressure. You can make a smart choice for a pump by matching the features of the pump with your requirements. Below are the key features of water pumps –
  • Lift is related to how far the pump is capable of taking water. These pumps lift the water via producing low pressure conditions that forces the water into pipes. Vertical suction lift explains as how far the pump is capable of lifting the water straight from source of water to the pump. Head life explains as how high the pump is capable of carrying the water from source of water to the discharge point.
  • The discharge capacity of a water pump is decided by deciding how quick the water flows from source of water to the discharge point. It is calculated in gallons per minute and it is commonly known as water flow. Discharge capacity is quite important if the pump is required to move water for varied household activities. Ideally a pump with high discharge capacity should only be used if there is large amount of water is required. 
  • Water pumps have special abilities to deal with solids. Pumps with filters, durable mechanical components and larger pipes can easily deal with debris and sediment; at times, the debris can be as large as two inches in diameter (called trash pumps). They are also useful for farm irrigation where the quality of water is not as important. Other pumps are more fragile and they are capable of handling solids without any wear & tear.
Leading brands
Yes, there is no denying that the significance of water pumps in modern times cannot be overlooked. There are numerous brands that are existent in the market, let us discuss them. 
Shakti – The company date back to year 1982 and initially they made a humble start. They made the best out of every possibility that they got. They had big dreams, a hunger to make it big and determined that made them as the manufacturer of stainless steel submersible pump manufacturer. They feel proud of being the pioneers in producing 100% stainless steel submersible pump and they also have 5 star rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). 
V-Guard – In 1977, a small manufacturing unit was set up which manufactured voltage stabilizers. Soon the business flourished and the company extended their range which included – air conditioners, solar water heaters, domestic and agricultural pumps and industrial motors. Their products are known for reliability, quality and performance. 
Crompton Greaves – The name does not need any introduction. The company is world’s well-known engineering corporations. Their unique range comprise of circuit breakers, transformers, HT & LT Motors, fans, pumps and various others. Their extensive range of pumps comprise of submersible single phase, pressure booster pumps, Sewage Pump, Mini Shallow and various others. 
Pumpkart is a unique online shopping portal for selling agricultural and domestic pumps from some of the leading pump manufacturers across the nation. At Pumpkart, they believe in making shopping for pumps a hassle-free process. The best thing is that the users can purchase these pumps at cost-effective prices and above all they offer lucrative discounts as well. The users get to enjoy single step checkout process, multiple payment choices comprising Payment Online, Cash on Delivery and EMI options. 

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