Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to make the most of submersible pump prices in India


Without a doubt, a submersible pump is one of the obliging inventions of modern technology. This pump has certainly revolutionized the way people use water. As the name is self-explanatory, a submersible pump is a pump that functions while remaining submerged under water or any other fluid. Also known as utility pump, it is an electrical pump that is sealed airtight and performs varied functions in commercial buildings and homes.    

A lowdown on submersible pumps

Since, a submersible pump does not make use of a motor above ground; you can make the most of the floor space. The best part is that you get to save considerable amount on installation. When you have installed the pump, the maintenance cost is quite low as well and there is no vibration or noise. Given that the pump remains submerged, you don’t have to worry about the pump priming as well.
Seeing its extensive demand in the market, you can take the benefit of submersible pump prices in India as they are set quite competitively. Some of the leading manufacturers of submersible pumps are – V-Guard, Shakti, Waaree, Oswal and various others. In addition to competitive prices, these pumps are found in varied applications. The type of submersible pump which is used in a well is also used for the supplying drinking water, dewatering, oil production and irrigation. The type which is used in wet wells, sumps, pits or basins is also used for wastewater. Same type is also put into use in various other applications such as industrial pumps in plants and pond pumps.    

  • These pumps offer a noise and vibration free functioning.
  • Submersible pumps can be installed in a horizontal position as well.
  • It does not acquire much space.
  • The whole pumping system can be made completely automatic.
  • The installation and removal procedure, particularly in deep boreholes is hassle-free.   
  • You don’t have to make any separate pump house arrangement or foundation.
  • A submersible pump is an ideal choice at a place where a pump house cannot be constructed.
Advantages – 

If submersible pumps enjoy extensive demand then there has to be some advantages of buying these pumps. Let us discuss these benefits it detail – 

  • First and foremost, the pump is highly efficient as compared to the other pumps available. The liquid pumping capacity of the pump is quite high and when the pump is placed underwater it is capable of detecting the level of water as well.
  • The pump does not produce any sound or vibrate while functioning. The walls of the pump are designed in a manner that is produces less amount of noise.
  • Safety aspect is also a major benefit of its immense popularity. The pump does not contain any hazardous component that can result to any harm or damage. The pump is covered with essential coats which are needed when the kids are around.  
  • The pump gets installed easily and it has low maintenance.
  • The design of a submersible pump is something that matters a lot. The pump has a tightly contained unit along with watertight gaskets that keeps the water away from reaching internal parts. The unique design assures that the pump does not leak or short out electrically as and when it gets submerged.
  • A submersible pump makes use of direct pressure in order to push the water via pipe or a hose, instead of using suction method. Making use of a direct pressure means that the pump is capable of moving fluids to a much greater distance and more efficiently as compared to other suction machines.
  • Unlike other pumps, a submersible pump does not require to be primed prior to using. This saves both your time & efforts.
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