Thursday, June 5, 2014

Useful guide for water Pump Buyers

The market of pumps is pretty huge in India and is expected to grow with a fast pace in the near future. How will the growth look like and what challenges will the manufacturers and dealers face? What are the new types of pumps available in the market and how these pumps can benefit the consumer? There is a lot to ponder about the growth in the pump market in India and where does online sale of pumps fits in. Following few lines provide an insight into the same. 

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Decision Making

Who holds the decision making power in agricultural families – the elders of course and their knowledge is somewhat limited to the advice provided by the friendly retailer who is more concerned about his own profit rather than anything else. The technically literate youth have the power to change that. Using their unlimited access to the Internet via their smartphones, computers and laptops, they can search on what works for them and what does not. 

It would be worthwhile to know about the different criteria for pumps: 

Energy Efficiency: 

You may be able to save a few hundred or thousand bucks by purchasing a cheap pump, but it is going to cost you much higher in the long run. This is mainly because it will have less than impressive energy efficiency and will guzzle electricity. You will end up paying an inflated power bill. An energy efficient pump, on the other hand, will have a high cost, but will save a lot of energy and result in a much lower power bill.  

Submersible pumps are better than the traditional monoblock pumps in a number of ways. These pumps are submerged in water and there is no need to prime them. These pumps have high energy efficiency and have quiet operation. 

Pump Make: 

Stainless steel is known to resist corrosion and is perfect for submersible pumps for this very reason. Before buying any pump, check out whether your pump is made from stainless steel. Such pumps have strong build and have pretty long lives.              
Solar Pumps: 

Are you fed up with patchy energy supply and that too being provided at odd hours? Well, the solar pumps might be the perfect answer to the same. These pumps run on, you guessed it right, the sun’s light which is available in plenty for most part of the year.    

Expert Advice: 

Your requirement might not be same as that of your neighbor. Water pumping requirements of one industry may differ from that of the other. You need to know what type of pump will work well for your industry, domestic water pumping or your farm. It would be a good idea to seek expert advice and post your questions at the end of the article!

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