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Where to Buy Bosch Home and Car Washers Online

bosch home and car washers online, India -

Gone are the days when, in order to wash your car, you have to wait for long hours just to fill your bucket. But, nowadays with busy schedules and rising number of vehicles, various car washing products have been launched in the market, which has certainly made car cleaning a lot easier. The market is flooded with a wide array of car cleaning pumps and one of the leading brands that offer an extensive range of car cleaning pumps is ‘Bosch’. 
The company is a foremost supplier of state of the art technology & services in areas of industrial technology, automotive, building technology and consumer goods. Particularly talking about care washing pumps, these products enjoy an extensive demand for domestic usage. Each pump is designed using modern & advanced technology; modern designs make them easy to use and easy to operate as well. When it comes to domestic car washing, Bosch car washers are a unanimous choice of every car owner.


  • These pumps exert right pressure on your car without spoiling the paint or doing any damage to your car. Car washing pumps have certainly glamorized the way you wash your car.
  • Bosch car washing pumps has made the whole experience of car washing easier and enjoyable. After washing is over, it leaves your car glowing just like a brand new car which certainly adds on to your overall personality as well when you take it out for a spin.   
  • The pump is lightweight and its compact design makes it easy to carry from one location to another. Moreover, it also consumes lesser space, therefore giving more space to store more household items.  
  • Probably one of the key benefits of these car cleaning devices is its auto-stop function. This makes the pump energy-efficient as well.
  • It easily reaches to the unreachable areas of the car. When the pressure is applied, even the dirt that gets stuck to the mud flaps gets easily washed.

Pumps Galore

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of car washing pumps and is the right place where you get to choose a car washing pump as per your needs and requirements. Following are some of the best-selling car washers of Bosch –
Bosch - AQT 33-10 - Home and Car Washer (1.7HP) – When it comes to cleaning dirt and mud off your car, Bosch - AQT 33-10 - Home and Car Washer (1.7HP) can be a smart choice. This comes beneficial for all those who have a roomy parking space in and around the house. Along with 1300 W power, you get to enjoy continuous supply of water. It is well-designed and compact, making it easier to operate. With its push-fit connections, it can be easily set up.

Bosch - AQT 35-12 - Home and Car Washer (2HP)

Along with interesting features and unique features, Bosch - AQT 35-12 - Home and Car Washer (2HP) can aptly satisfy your car washing requirements. Its innovative 3-in-1 nozzle is certainly a feature that stands out and helps you to give your car an intense cleaning. With its sturdy wheels and easy fold handle, the pump can be moved anywhere you like and can be easily stored as well. Delivering a power of 1500 W, it automatically stops when not in use. With the help of SDS system, you get instant connect fittings that ensures quick operation.

Bosch AQT 37-13 Home and Car Power Washer (2.3HP)

It is one of the best selling range of Bosch’s car washing pumps. This pump comes loaded with a 1700 W power and three in one nozzle makes it one of a kind product. It comes with accessories holder, auto stop function and instant connect fittings. The best thing about this car washer is that it is easy to use. 
Without a doubt, Bosch car washing pumps has given car washing a whole new meaning. Along with modern technology and pioneering features, these pumps can be purchased from, India’s leading online pump megastore. The portal provides a holistic solution for your car washing requirements. Along with extensive range of pumps, they also offer various payment options such as online payment, Cash on Delivery and soon they will be coming with EMI option as well.

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