Thursday, July 3, 2014

Best Place to Buy Oswal Submersible Pumps Online

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With online shopping catching up real fast, almost everything from apparels to houses can be bought online. So why not water pumps? Be it for domestic, agriculture or for industrial use, pumps have become an integral part of our lives and have made water problems almost vanish. And no more do you need to worry about huge electric bills that usually happen after installation of a pump as submersible pumps are known to be highly energy efficient, durable and reliable.

Among the many players who manufacture submersible pumps, one of the topmost is Oswal Pumps. Standing true to its commitment of providing high quality stainless steel submersible pumps, Oswal is the house for one of the largest range of submersible pumps. Buying these online was almost not possible until recently when India’s largest dedicated pump store started providing a huge range of submersible pumps from almost all top brands under one roof. What’s more, they offer huge discounts on brands like Oswal.

About Submersible Pumps:

The submersible pumps are mostly installed under water and they push the water using direct pressure through the hose from greater distances than a regular water pump and that too more efficiently. They are self-primed and so they are ready to use.
Submersible pumps have numerous applications ranging from drainage to sewage pumping, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. They are lowered down into boreholes and are usually used for a multitude of tasks such as commercial, domestic, industrial and municipal water extraction.
Being submerged in the fluid, these pumps last longer. Pumpkart has a wide range of pumps and all the products are equipped with full technical and others specifications to make their features and application clear.

Why Oswal submersible pumps?

Being among the leading manufacturer and exporter of submersible pumps in the country, Oswal Pumps is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000 certified firm having CE and BEE accreditation. The submersible pumps are manufactured using latest technology and material and tested by experts before being sent to the market. Oswal submersible pumps are cost effective, reliable and excellent in quality.

Best selling Oswal submersible pumps

While the submersible pumps are most-sought after products for domestic and agriculture use, Oswal has many sizes of pumps in the single phase and three phase category that are best sellers. houses all the major top sellers from Oswal. Here is the list:

  • Oswal 3” Submersible Single Phase OSO-5 SF D (1HP)
  • Oswal 4” Submersible Single Phase OSO-40 F (1HP)
  • Oswal 6” Submersible Three Phase OSO-65-20B-SF (7.5HP)
  • Oswal 7” Submersible Three Phase DLX-GOLD-28D-SF (7.5HP)
  • Oswal 6” Submersible Three Phase OSO-125ME-SF (10HP)
  • Oswal 8” Submersible Three Phase OSF-52B (15HP)

So just visit Pumpkart and start shopping for your favorite Oswal submersible pumps at prices you cannot even imagine. Shop now!

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