Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Buy Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pumps Online

Nowadays, you can buy almost everything online and can avail the advantages of low price, product comparison and home delivery. Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pumps are also available online. Read on to have the detailed look of these products.

In an endeavor to introduce highly innovative water pumping solutions, Khaitan has introduced a wide range of Self Priming Monoblock pumps. All these pumps are loaded with a number of advantageous characteristics and perfect to cater the water needs of every home. They are garnering popularity because of their energy efficient nature and compact size. They are also considered as wonderful solutions for pumping the water from unusual locations. To buy these pumps online on discounted prices visit at

Top models and their Valuable Features

When you visit this portal, you will find mainly the following models under this category
  • Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pump KDM 1 (0.25HP)

  • Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pump KDM 5 (0.5HP)

  • Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pump KDM 8 (1HP)

  • Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pump KDM 4 (0.5HP)

Valuable Features

All these pumps are specifically designed for providing optimum water supply at domestic and commercial level. They are power saving and perform well during voltage fluctuation. To guarantee vigorous performance for long time period, they all come with sealed anti-friction ball bearing on their both ends. They have robust construction with attached TEFC (Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled) Motor which is protected with IP 44. They are available in compact sizes and easy to carry from one place to another. Their cast iron body is protected from corrosion and made them perfect for the use in any hard situation.  You can apply these pumps for maintaining the water supply in your homes, bungalows, hospitals, gardens and hotels. You can also use them as a lawn sprinkler.

Key Advantages of buying Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pumps Online

When you find that your old pump is creating problem for some reasons, you start finding the right source for getting new one as a replacement. Khaitan Self Priming Monoblock Pumps could be a right choice because they can be used in many applications at domestic as well as commercial level. You can buy these pumps online as well as offline from the local dealers. However the process of buying pumps from local dealer is a time consuming process and sometimes high priced also. But when you buy these pumps online at you can enjoy the freedom of selection of a pump of your choice. Even you can compare these products on the bases of their technical and mechanical specifications.

Besides, the selected model will get delivered at your doorstep within few days, after the confirmation of your order. If you are frightening for making payment online, Pumpkart has offering you Cash on Delivery (COD) option to ensure that you pay after getting a right product for your use. Besides, you can also make an intelligent decision by considering your budget and many other things before the final decision.

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