Saturday, July 26, 2014

Buy TATA Solar Heating Systems for Regular Hot Water Supply

Tata Power Solar System has launched a wide range of products which runs on the Sun power. They are very useful for rural as well as urban areas users who want to make the most of the sun power and their roof space. You can buy these products online as well offline at affordable prices. 

Tata solar water heaters online, india - pumpkart.comWith the modernization, the consumption of electricity is rising day by day and the problem of inadequate power supply is going up across the country. Even though there are thousands of villages where electricity is a dream so far and people are confronting a number of problems in their daily life. Solar energy, which has taken huge steps in recent years, is changing people life rapidly. The systems which run on the solar power has made their lives little easy, without putting extra burden on their pockets. Even though, these products are also gaining popularity among the urban areas because of their eco- friendly nature.  

There is a number of leading market players, who are in the race to tap the Indian market by offering best quality solar products to the people. Tata Power Solar is one of the country’s largest solar power companies offering best products for customers. The solar water heaters of this brand are appreciated by the customers for their continuous hot water supply. They are highly efficient and you can make most of your roof space to produce hot water for domestic use.

Mechanism of Water Heaters

Solar thermal heaters use sunlight to heat water. They work on the theory of Thermo siphon, which ensure the movement of hot and cold water. Their system consists of insulated tank and collector pipes which store and rotate the water. The heated water flow through the tubes and reaches the insulated tank, which is placed on the top. It keeps water hot for a long time period and you can use it for different domestic applications like in bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools etc.  These heaters are available in 200, 300 and 500 litres capacity within pressurized and non-pressurized alternatives.  For example, when you buy a 200 LPD zing pressurized heater, it will give you 200 litre hot water, in a day.  Similarly, 500 LPD and 300 LPD have capacity to deliver 500 litre and 300 litre water simultaneously.  Tata launched these products especially for transforming lives in rural regions.  They have power to give you up to 80ÂșC hot water daily. They have installed pure copper high transmitivity flat plate collector with inherent anti-fogging breather device. By using these heaters, you can save thousands rupees per year on electricity bills. You can also save huge money on their MRP price by buying online., a rapidly growing portal is offering flat 15% off on these products. You can buy Tata Solar 500 LPD Ultima Pressurized at price Rs.208, 250.00 and Tata Solar 300 LPD Zing Pressurized at Rs.148, 750.00 with EMI facility and many other services.

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