Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guide to buy Khaitan self priming monoblock pumps online

When it comes to buying a domestic water pump, most of us just call a plumber or visit a sanitary shop and buy a product that the salesman recommends. Quite often we either pay exorbitant amount or get the wrong pump. While shopping for pumps, the best way to assess which one to buy is by checking out the exact need, power requirements and other specifications. One of the most economical and sought-after pump manufacturers in India is Khaitan and for domestic use the self priming monoblock pumps are a preferred choice.

If you want to get the ideal pump based on your requirement in the comfort of your home, shop at, India’s largest online pump store that offers the entire range of Khaitan self priming monoblock pumps at the best prices.

Understanding monoblock pumps

In monoblock pumps, the motor and pump are dynamically coupled to give a vibration free operation. They are simple, compact and have an easy installation process as compared to the generally used water pumps. They do not require any additional equipment like coupling, guards or base plate and this save on money and become easily portable.

What are self primed monoblock pumps?

A pump that is specially designed to to re-prime itself under lift conditions is a self priming pump. The Self Priming Monoblock Pumps demand is on the rise in the domestic water supply industry. Manufactured using superior quality materials and latest technology, they have an excellent design and are highly energy efficient and cost effective.

Some benefits are wide, clear passageway for water, suitable for double-phase conveyor media, non-sensitive to gas or air occlusions, dry-run-proof and they are easy to maintain over the long run.

Why buy Khaitan self priming monoblock pumps

Khaitan is a name to reckon with in the domestic and home appliances industry and they are known for domestic water pumps that are of a good quality, give great performance and have a novelty in design. The self priming monoblock pumps range that Khaitan has is widely sold in the market and can be bought at a lesser cost than the market price through online shopping only at

Best selling Khaitan self priming monoblock pumps

Khaitan pumps are the hot seller pumps at and below are listed some of the top products in this category:

Khaitan Alex Hi Flow (1HP)
Khaitan Mini Gem Alex (0.5HP)
Khaitan Self Priming Star Alex (1.1HP)
Khaitan Gallop Hi Flow (0.5HP)
Khaitan Self Priming Alex (0.5HP)
Khaitan Alex (0.25HP)

So just login and order a Khaitan self priming monoblock pump from and get optimum value for your money.

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