Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where to Buy 5GL Sewage Pumps online

5GL Sewage Pumps are ideal pumps for pumping dirty water to main drain. They are made up of high quality material and equipped with an overload protection device.

Where to buy 5gl sewage pumps online - pumpkart.com

Every house needs sewage pump to drain out the waste of toilet, kitchen sinks and laundry system to its septic tank or to a larger gutter. In early years, toilets and sinks rely only on the gravitational force to exhaust the waste to a septic tank that is generally placed at the lowest area of the house or building. However, with the modernization the technology of sewage pumping has developed and different types of sewage pumps are available in the market for pumping dirty water. The invention of all these pumping systems makes draining of waste a lot easier. The sewage pumps of 5GL brand are highly efficient mechanical device that moves out solid and liquid waste from toilets and sinks to the sewer. They are made up of reliable material and protected from overheat and overload. Their mounting base is fitted on a stable base, which ensures less vibration during operations. They are used for sump pump out pits and suitable for continuous duty. Even you can use them to handle large particle sizes easily.

More about 5GL brand’s Sewage Pumps:

5GL is a leading brand that is promoted by SGL machinery. It provides all types of pumps which are known for reliability, quality and affordability among the customers. The sewage pumps of this brand are hot-selling products and appreciated for high quality.

5GL Sewage pump WVSD75F (1HP):

5GL Sewage pump WVSD75F (1HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.com

It is built with the state of the art technology that assures reliability, efficiency and maintenance.  If you buy this pump from pumpkart.com, you will get attractive discounts.

Key Features:

•    It works silently without creating any noise.
•    Aesthetically pleasing installation.
•    Ensure long lasting performance.
•    Easy to handle.

5GL Techno Sewage 100 (1HP):

5GL Techno Sewage 100 (1HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.com

It is built up by the use of modern technology that serves both commercial and domestic applications. It is fitted with single / double channel impellers; cutter and grinder impellers which permit smooth operation under extreme conditions.

Key Features:

•    The pump has extremely efficient grinder system.
•    This is tough and versatile pump for domestic sewage transfer.

5GL Techno Sewage 50 (0.5HP):

5GL Techno Sewage 50 (0.5HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.com

This is a known model that has multiple capacities versions and power ratings. The pump is attached with a float switch that automatically controls on/off system when it is placed in the drain.

Key features:

•    Portable, light weight and handy in operation.
•    Double mechanical seals arrangement lessens the chances of motor worn out.
•    Motor is sealed in such a way that it can be submerged easily inside the water.

If you buy sewage pump of 5GL brand at Pumpkart, you can enjoy great discounts. To make shopping an easy experience, this site offers a single step checkout process with multiple payment options including Online Payment, Cash on Delivery and EMI options.

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