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Where to Buy Khaitan Submersible Single Phase Pumps Online

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We all know that water is one of the important natural resources that is, at the moment, available in abundance. But, unfortunately in the coming times, the scenario is going to change altogether, thereby wastage of this precious natural resource should be checked. In addition to this, saving water and making its utmost usage is also important. Submersible single phase pump is a mechanical device that helps you to save underground water and it also helps you to save your monthly hydro bills as well.    

Yes, the market is flooded with so many brands that manufacture submersible single phase pumps. The brand is commonly known for domestic & industrial fans, home appliances, wires and cables. Diversifying its reach, Khaitan offers an extensive range of submersible single phase pumps. Each pump is designed using state of the art technology and offers high-performance.


  • These pumps have oil cooled/water cooled rewindable induction motor.
  • As these pumps mainly function underwater, you don’t come across the problems of suction & priming.
  • The best thing about these pumps is that it can function even in wide voltage fluctuations.
  • It is quite easy to dismantle and repair the pump.
  • Submersible single phase pump is capable of handling maximum up thrust load.
  • The pump does not produce noise and there is less vibration as well.
  • You don’t have to build separate pump base or any platform.

Range of pumps

Khaitan is a brand that doesn’t needs an introduction in India. With the inclusion of water pumps, the brand has cemented its position in the consumer market. Pumpkart, India’s largest online pump store, has an extensive range of water pumps that will surely cater to your varied needs & requirements.  Following are some of the best selling submersible single phase pumps

Khaitan 4" Submersible Single Phase 4KS10B10 (1HP)


Along with a motor power of 0.75 KW, head range of 49-29 M and Flow Range of 30-80 LPM, it is one of the efficient pumps of Khaitan. It is made up of stainless steel and stator windings are made of water-proof PVC coated polyester film wrapped copper winding wires. 

Khaitan 3" Submersible Single Phase 3KS15B10 (1HP)


This particular pump has a power of 0.75 KW, flow range of 30-80 LPM and Head Range of 49-29 M. The pump has oil seal that prevents the entry of silt. The thrust bearings easily absorb axial thrust produced by the pump. In addition to these, they are also used in varied applications.  

Khaitan 4" Submersible Single Phase 4KS10B10 (1HP)


This submersible single phase pump is of 4 inches and serve various water requirements. The best thing about the pump is that it can be easily installed and it is maintenance-free. Built-in thermal protection prevents the motor from getting damaged, owing to impeller blockage. This considerably cuts down the service repairs.   

Khaitan 4" Submersible Single Phase 4KS9F30 (3HP)


The power of the pump is 2.2 KW and the flow rate is 305 (litre per minute). The pump can easily handle wide voltage fluctuations and can be easily dismantled and repaired. 

Undoubtedly, catering to wide variety of applications, submersible single phase pumps are an ideal choice for different domestic, industrial and commercial use. No matter what are your requirements, Pumpkart.com has a right pump for you. It has a wide selection of world renowned brands under roof which comprise of Khaitan. Besides, having an extensive range of water pumps, you get to enjoy varied payment options like COD (Cash on Delivery) and online payment. The portal is soon coming with EMI option which will making shopping easier.

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