Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where to Buy Oswal Sewage Pumps Online

The majority of sewage systems use the power of gravity to move solids and liquids and there could be times when it becomes impossible to carry plumbing devices, especially when going uphill from a city sewage system. Drainage pumps come in handy in such situations where moving effluent becomes a heavy task. The type of drainage pump used here is a sewage pump and it has just one task and that is to move solids and liquids from one point to another without any disruption.

A usual sewage pump will be placed in a sewage basin and this pump is capable of being submerged and will likely have to deal with some fluids at nearly all times. When shopping for sewage pumps online, Pumpkart.com is the ideal destination with a wide variety of pumps in this category available at heavy discounts.

Why choose Oswal pumps

Oswal Pumps is one a leading manufacturer of pumps in India. It is an ISO certified company and its products are accredited by CE, ISI & BEE. Oswal Pumps is fully committed to manufacturing energy efficient pumps using the latest technology and is a known brand in the sewage pump industry. They have a wide range of stainless steel sewage pumps that are energy efficient and involve no maintenance costs in the long run.

The Oswal sewage pump is equipped with a precision manufactured motor utilizing a laminated sheet steel production process combined with the highest standard of quality control. The drive shaft and rotor assembly is heat-treated and the stator and wiring impregnated with varnish and then heat dried in an industrial oven. This ensures a 100% quality manufactured motor with stable characteristics and a high efficiency.

Standard accessories include VCT cable with an epoxy resin sealed water resistant cable base, AC thermal motor protector, dual mechanical seal and lip seal design. Equipped with Automatic reset motor protector prevents motor from burning due to high temperature/phase failure / voltage drop and lock impeller.

Top rated Oswal Sewage pumps

When it comes to buying sewage pumps online, it is imperative to know the product specifications and various models so that the ideal pump is purchased. Pumpkart.com lists down some most-sought after pumps in this segment.
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OSWJ-A SS (0.5HP)
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OSWJ-B SS (1HP)
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 with Float Switch (1HP)
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP)
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-3215 (2HP)
  • Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-3315 (3HP)

Drainage of sewage from the basements of buildings, hotels, waste water in factories and many other industrial purposes are handled by sewage pumps. Pumping surface and drainage water from garages and sprinkler systems is also a task accomplished by these pumps. So shop for sewage pumps only on Pumpkart.

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