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Why You Should Buy Submersible Pumps India Online

Water pumps have certainly made our lives convenient and hassle-free. It caters to the problem of inadequate water supply in homes, industries and other commercial places. These water pumps fall in varied categories which include – Domestic, Agriculture, Solar, Submersible and various others. As it is self-explanatory, a submersible pump is designed in a manner that it stays under the water or fluid that needs to be removed.

The best thing about these pumps is that they eliminate the chances of pump cavitation (a common problem of water pumps). These pumps are available in varied types and cater to different applications as well. is India’s largest online pump store and it proudly has a holistic range of water pumps that includes submersible as well.  


Seeing varied usage of submersible pumps, they are used in commercial, industrial, agriculture and domestic sectors. Let us discuss various features of these pumps – 
  • Submersible pumps mainly functions while being submerged under the water. They are, generally, fitted with submersible motor which is hermetically sealed.
  • These pumps can be connected to a riser pipe together with non-return valve.
  • The motor is powered by one or more flexible watertight cable.
  • Both motor and the pump are connected with a coupling. 
  • These pumps are of two types – Single and Multi-Stage, out of which multi-stage is a type which is commonly used.


When you are aware of the benefits then only you can make a decision whether you should buy it or not. Let us discuss its benefits –

  • These pumps produce less noise and vibration. The walls of the pumps are designed in a manner that it helps in producing less noise and vibration.
  • Being energy efficient can be an important benefit for any water pump. These pumps have higher pumping capacity. Since, the pump functions underwater, it can easily detect the water level.
  • The pump can be installed easily. When it gets installed, maintaining the pump is also quite easy.
  • When it comes to safety, submersible pumps are one step ahead of other available pumps. There is no unsafe component that can lead to any injury or harm.
  • There is no need to prime these pumps. This helps in saving your valuable time and effort.
  • Submersible pumps are hermetically sealed along with watertight gaskets that protects the water from entering into the housing. 


Submersible pumps are, mainly, of four types, you can choose your pump as per your needs and requirements –

  • Open Well.
  • Borewell.
  • Waste Water.
  • Drainage.


Like the name is self-explanatory, this pump is used for open well where there is wide fluctuation in the water level. These pumps stay under the water and stays at the bottom of the well. There is no need for any particular foundation for these pumps or valve. They can be easily moved from one location to another. Owing to its cooled rewindable motor, the pump’s efficiency is maintained.


These pumps are a mechanical device that plays an important role in saving underground water. In addition to this, it also helps you to cut down your hydro bills considerably. The rotor is dynamically balanced which offers a noise and vibration free functioning. It also increases the efficiency of the pump.

Waste Water

These pumps, while functioning, use centrifugal force. The centrifugal force helps in producing velocity. These pumps also use rotating impellers to move the fluid via an outlet valve.   


These pumps are capable of displacing both fluids and solids. It comprise of a housing that encloses fuel or electric powered turbine. This housing has an inlet or outlet port that is fastened in line using a plumbing waste system. These pumps are as efficient as electric powered pumps. These pumps are also available with automatic actuation features.

Make the most of above discussed information and make a choice for a submersible pump, as per your needs and requirements, from 

Watch Following video to know how to Install Submersible Pumps :

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