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Buy Shakti Pressure Booster Pumps to get Pressurized Water Supply in your Home

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Are you facing the problem of low water pressure in your home? Are you looking for a right type of water pump which can help you to beat this problem? Shakti’s Booster Pumps can be a right choice, as they are designed especially to boost the pressure of domestic water supply. These pumps are available online as well as offline across the country and overseas market. If you want to buy these pumps online, you can visit at This portal is offering lowest prices on all brands water pumps in India.

When low pressure water supply is coming in your home, you will not be able to do a number of tasks effortlessly like taking shower; washing the clothes, sprinkling of your garden etc. To overpower all these problems, different types of water pumps and many other tools are available in the market and you can buy the right one, which suits well for your requirements. In this segment, Shakti Pumps is well-known brand in the market, which is offering wide range of booster pumps for varied applications.

More about Shakti’s Booster Pumps:

Backed with a team of experienced professionals, Shakti is providing high quality pressure booster pumps to the customers across the world. All these pumps are designed and manufactured by using the supreme quality material and latest technology. These pumps function by using centrifugal force to push water through the piping system. You can install these pumps on the main water line that enters a house and can increase the pressure from 50 to 70 pounds in a limited range.

Best-Selling Shakti Booster Pumps:

SH series Shakti’s Booster Pumps are best-selling pumps because of their inherent features. You can buy the following models at at lowest prices:

•    Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 2-4 (0.5HP)

shakti pressure booster pumps sh 2-4 (0.5hp) Online -

•    Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 4-6 (1.5HP)

shakti pressure booster pump sh 4-6 (1.5hp) Online -

•    Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 8-6 (2HP)

shakti pressure booster pump sh 8-6 (2hp) Online, India -

Key Features of SH Series Pumps

Shakti Brand is known for offering of stainless steel water pumps. Its all SHs series pumps have stainless steel body and designed especially for all domestic and industrial applications. They help you to maintain constant water pressure in your all taps. Basically they are non-self priming, horizontal and multistage centrifugal pumps which can be used with pressure tank and pressure switch for pressure control. They ensure constant pressure water supply in the domestic buildings, small industries, cooling systems, air conditioning systems and small farms etc. These are compact in design and produce very low noise when utilized. The body of these pumps is made up of stainless steel that ensures long life without any trouble. These pumps are automatic start/stop when equipped with press control button. 

Before buying these pumps, compare them with other brands pumps as well and select the right one, which suits best for your requirements.

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