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How to Install a Water Pump

Pumps are utilized to move the water or liquid, whether it is hot or cold, dirty and clean to a desired location. They do this task in an efficient way that is truly environment friendly and safe.

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Water pumps play major role to maintain a pressurized water supply in homes and industries. You can install these pumps easily with the help of plumbers in urban areas. But when you live in a rural area, you may face difficulties in the installation of a pump. You may want to install it with the help of a plumber; but, it can be more costly process. So, it’s better to install the pump by your own because once you do this task by your own, you will be in a better position to repair it in the future.

Keep in mind that correct installation is the guarantee of safety and a trouble free functioning. Therefore it is significant to read these instructions carefully to ensure correct installation of your water pump.

Read all instructions before beginning installation:

  • If the old water pumps still move coolant via the engine then most important, clean the cooling system with a chemical cleaner and reverse flush all sediment before removing old pump.
  • Drain cooling system from radiator.
  • After draining, separate the all hoses from the old water pump. Examine all hoses for cracks, dry rot and tears. Replace them, if needed.
  • Separate old pump to cylinder clocks bolts and remove it.
  • Clean off any old gasket material that remains in the engine.
  • Must compare the new pump with old one and verify that all the pump dimensions are same.

New water pumps installations:

  • Before you install a new pump make sure that you have cleaned properly the mounting surface.
  • Cautiously check the fan, pulley and other parts to verify that they all are in good condition. Any faulty part can cause of the premature pump failure.
  • If the pump is equipped with belt tensioner then must inspect it to ensure that it is in good working order.
  • If your pump is attached with a steel back plate and impeller, check all mounting bolts and tighten as required.
  • Spin the water pump shaft with hand to confirm that it turns freely.
  • Attach all the hoses and fill the cooling system.
  • Tighten the fan belts to factory specifications.
  • Verify belt position as additional shimming may be required.
  • Start the engine and verify for leaks. Let engine cool down, top off radiator coolant and  recheck for leaks.
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All above mentioned tips may seem simple but they all are essential consideration points to do an effective installation of a water pump. Do not forget to follow these simple tips because improper installation will void your warranty and may lead to pump damage and personal injury.

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