Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to start Jacuzzi Bathtub Without Trouble

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Jacuzzi bathtubs are great way for soaking one's body after a hectic day of work. These tubs are deeper than the old ones, in which one can relish the feeling of soaking one's body while sitting in a straight position. These tubs are not long, but deep, thereby allowing you to bathe yourself till your neck.

They are the ideal products that certainly increase the elegance of your bathroom, creating a spa-like retreat. They come in a variety of designs, styles and shapes with, of course, powerful jets that blow and circulate the water throughout the tub in a way that is designed for relaxation. Installing these stylish devices in your home is the perfect way to keep away the troubles of the day and reduce the level of stress in your daily life.

Where to buy these stylish bathroom accessories:

You can purchase the stylish Jacuzzi massage bath tubs at competitive rates from Pumpkart. Jacuzzi Massage Bath Tub SI – 050 and Jacuzzi Massage Bath Tub SI-002 are best-selling bath tubs under this site. These bath tubs are reliable for providing consistent performance and above all it offers low maintenance. Having these products in your bathroom will certainly help you to have a luxurious feeling.

The process to start a Jacuzzi bathtub is fairly simple. Before operating these trendy bathroom accessories follow these simple steps:


  • First and foremost, close the bathtub drain because it is useful to keep water in the tub.
  • Fill the Jacuzzi tub with warm water but make sure that water must cover the highest jet by at least one inch. Make sure water doesn’t cover the air intake valve.
  • Add salts or oils into water. But don’t use soap, bubble baths or shampoos in a Jacuzzi tub.
  • Place the electronic control panel. Most Jacuzzi panels have various buttons that includes motor pump, air flow, lighting and other optional features.
  • Turn on the pump motor by pressing the on/off button. This switch has an image of water spray with two dots--one solid and one open--underneath.
  • Select motor speed by pressing the arrow buttons. The "up" arrow is helpful for boosting speed and the "down" arrow will reduce speed.
  • Regulate the air flow on the right and left sides by using the air flow switches and the arrow buttons. The air flow buttons seem similar to the on/off button but have white dots on the stylized spray illustration.
  • After regulating the air flow, you must select other options like bath lights by using the arrow buttons to clasp different features. If your bathtub has the "Rapid Heat" feature then it is able to turn on automatically.
  • Carefully submerge yourself in the bathtub.
  • You should adjust the direction of the jets manually by lightly grasping the nozzles and moving them in the desired direction.
  • Regulate the force of the massage by rotating the face clockwise to lessen the force or counter-clockwise to increase the force.
  • When everything is completed, carefully exit the tub. Use extra care as your muscles may be very calm, and blood pressure changes may cause dizziness.
  • Lastly, turn the motor off and completely drain the tub. Dry the control panel if necessary.
Follow the above mentioned instruction carefully and get hassle-free operating process and enjoy a nice & relaxing hot bath. Don’t forget to visit at Pumpkart.com to avail the attractive discounts on Jacuzzi massage bath tub.  To make shopping an trouble-free experience, this site offers its customers a simple and easy single step checkout process, multiple payment options, including Payment Online, Cash on Delivery and EMI options.

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