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Most Popular Shakti Pressure Booster Pumps

Most Popular Shakti Pressure Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are the best solutions to raise the pressure of water coming into your home.  If you are really looking to buy a reliable booster pump online, Shakti brand’s booster pump can be a good choice. Shakti Pumps is regarded as one of the prominent manufacturers of Booster Pumps in India and its pump sets are extensively used in homes for maintaining water supply. Once you install a booster pump of this brand, you can get a continuous pressure of water in the system for many years.

Boosting water pressure in your home supply is a daunting task, but don't forget that there are many devices which can help you to compete with this problem. Booster pumps are right devices to fight with low water pressure problem in your home.  They are typically used in municipal water and waste-water treatment systems. There is a long list of booster pump manufacturer companies in the market, but Shakti is a renowned name for the offering of the best quality stainless steel booster pumps.  The Shakti Booster Pumps are all-in-one units consisting of motor, pressure tank, pump and electronic controller. The quality booster pumps of this brand are available at Catering to wide variety of water pumps, is also offering EMI and COD services to the customers of pan India.

Best Selling Shakti Pressure Booster Pumps at

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 2-6 (0.75HP)

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 2-6 (0.75HP) Online, India -

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 4-5 (1.5HP)

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 8-5 (2HP)

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 2-5 (0.75HP)

Silent features of all above mentioned Pump Models:

All above mentioned models are ideal booster pumps that cater high pressure demand at domestic and industrial level. They are usually available with pressure control system that helps to control the water pressure supply. SH pumps series must be primed before operation because they are non-self priming, horizontal, multistage centrifugal pumps. They can be used with pressure tank and pressure switch for pressure control.

These pumps have robust and compact designs that make them more appealing. They also produce less noise, which is probably one of the key reasons that they have been liked by so many users. The compact design makes these pumps easier to carry from one place to another.


The Shakti Pressure Booster pumps are designed for getting pressurized water supply in residential and commercial applications where inadequate water pressure is a big problem. These small units are suitable for boosting pressure from underground or surface water supplies as well. They are

•    Perfect for liquid transfer
•    Pressure boosting systems
•    Small industrial water supply systems
•    Horticultural irrigation systems
•    Air conditioning systems
•    Cooling systems

Every pressure booster pump has its own characteristic, so do some research and find out which fits better for your requirements. Read more about the pump features and its application and compare with your individual situation.

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