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AO Smith Water Heaters: Make a Smart Choice Online

AO Smith water heaters: Make a smart choice online -

Seeing a surging demand of varied house appliances, its market has grown considerably in the past few years. No matter which appliance you are planning to buy; you are bound to get a decent amount of variety (in terms of brands/manufacturers), which will end up making your decision process a bit harder. During winters, having a water heater is a necessity and it is also a key house appliance as well. Despite of so many brands present in the market, AO Smith has carved a niche for themselves in the water heater market.

Being a quality-oriented company, AO Smith mainly focus on providing products with high-quality, high-performance and durability. With the consumers shifting their interest to online shopping, has emerged as a leading online portal that offers an extensive range of water heaters at affordable prices. Let us get to know more about the best selling geysers of AO Smith in detail –

Best selling AO Smith water heaters

AO Smith 50L Storage Geyser HSE-HNS-50 –

AO Smith 50L Storage Geyser HSE-HNS-50 Online, India -
The geyser is energy-efficient and comes with a long list of features. It is one of the company’s premium products which come with 100L capacity. The best thing about the water heater is that it is designed as per the Indian water conditions which makes it a must have. Along with modern features and modern technology, the geyser aptly fulfills the need of hot water.

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - HSE-SES-15 –

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - HSE-SES-15 Online, India -

The geyser has a sturdy built which ensures the sturdiness and longevity of the product. It also uses long lasting heating element. As per requirements, this geyser aptly provides hot water in your kitchen and bathroom. Being a feature rich product, it comes with temperature settings, Blue Diamond® glass lined tank, power on/off, energy meter and digital clock. Multiple safety system ensures safety element and being energy efficient saves your electricity bill.   

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - EWSH-15 –

AO Smith 15L Storage Geyser - EWSH-15 Online, India -
With its modern design, advanced features, compact size, it is one of the most sought after products of AO Smith. As this product uses glass lining technology, it offers prevention from corrosion and sediment scaling. With 15L of capacity, it offers enough water supply for the domestic usage. The water heater has an ergonomic design which makes it easier to be carried and mounted. Owing to its efficiency and high performance, it has been rewarded as 5 star rating.  

AO Smith 70L Storage Geyser - ELJV-70 –

AO Smith 70L Storage Geyser - ELJV-70 Online, India -

This particular model is synonymous with high-quality, reliability and top performance. It has 70L capacity which will suffice the domestic hot water requirement. Its key features comprise of thermal cut out, vertical wall mounting, glass coated element, anode rod and stainless steel core. In addition to this, it also comes with a safety valve.

AO Smith 3L Water Heater - EWS 3 –

AO Smith 3L Water Heater - EWS 3 Online, India -

Without a doubt, this model is a technological marvel. The geyser has a contemporary design and a rust proof exterior body. The geyser is designed as per Indian water conditions, so you get to enjoy hot water whenever you require. The modern designing of the heater ensures that it easily blends with your bathroom d├ęcor. It can easily withstand high pressure of 95 psi and has high-quality thermostat. 

There is no doubt that AO Smith is a unanimous choice for all those who want efficiency, modern technology and sturdy built. You can purchase from an extensive range of AO Smith geysers at Along with a wide range, you also get to purchase them at affordable prices.

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