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Can Crompton Greaves Geysers Online be a Lucrative Choice

Can Crompton Greaves Geysers Online be a Lucrative Choice -

The market is flooded with a wide variety of water heater manufacturers/brands, but the burning question is, which one is apt for you? Having updated knowledge about various brands and their standing in the market will surely help you in making a right choice. Talking about a renowned brand, Crompton Greaves is a brand that has proved its name by offering quality and performance-based instant water heaters.

Nowadays, with convenience and cost-effective prices, majority of the customers are getting drawn towards online shopping. If you want to make the most of the online shopping and want to get the best deals on Crompton Greaves water heaters then make sure that you explore Here, you get to purchase a heater from some of the renowned names such as Crompton Greaves, AO Smith, Kenstar and various others. Following are some of the key geysers from Crompton Greaves that enjoy significant demand from the user end –

Leading water heaters of Crompton Greaves –

Crompton Greaves is a leading name when it comes to water heaters. The brand is known to offer an extensive range of geysers, let us discuss some of their best selling products in detail –

Crompton Greaves Radiant (ASWH406-IVY) –

Crompton Greaves Radiant (ASWH406-IVY) Online, India -

If you are looking for a product with high-quality and innovation then this is the right geyser. The water geyser let you enjoy a nice hot bath because it ensures consistent supply of hot water as per your needs. The geyser is known for its durability, efficiency and high performance. Seeing its efficiency, it has been awarded with 4 stars from BEE. The tank of geyser is polymer coated and most importantly it is environment-friendly as well. Due to its compact size, it can be easily mounted on the wall.

Crompton Greaves Solarium (ASWH806-IVY) –

Crompton Greaves Solarium (ASWH806-IVY) Online, India -
When it comes to high-efficiency and performance, you cannot go wrong this model. This unit fulfills your hot water requirements anytime throughout the day. In addition to supplying water to multiple units simultaneously, it offers a silent operation as well. Proving its efficiency, the geyser has been provided with 5 star rating from BEE. It has apt protection from rust.   

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH606A-IVY) –

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH606A-IVY) Online, India -
It is one of the best selling instant water heaters which offer a simple installation and easily blends in with the bathroom d├ęcor. It gets easily mounted on the wall vertically. It is capable of saving 40% of electricity, owing to which it is has been rewarded with 4 star rating from BEE. It has patented Nano Polymer Coated Tank, ABS sheet body that protects from shock, Capillary Thermostat, Anodic hard water protection and Multifunctional safety valve.

Crompton Greaves Magna (ASWH1025) –

Crompton Greaves Magna (ASWH1025) Online, India -
This particular model is known for its varied features and constant performance. It is ROHS compliant and with insta foam packing, it becomes environment friendly. Some of its other features comprise of – Anodic Hard Water Protection, Multifunctional safety valve and Patented Nano Polymer Coated Tank. It is an ideal product to be used in the bathrooms.

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH615A-IVY) –

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH615A-IVY) Online, India -
It is a unit which is feature-rich and known for its sturdy built, efficiency and high performance. Lightweight and compact size makes it easier to carry the unit from one location to another. Owing to its compact size, it can be easily mounted on the wall vertically. It saves 40% of energy and it has BEE’s 4 star rating as well. It is a perfect pick for bathroom usage.

Crompton Greaves is a brand that does not need any introduction and with its wide range of water heaters, making a smart choice won’t be hard. has become a household name when it comes to instant water heaters. You can purchase a Crompton Greaves water heater as per your needs and requirements at affordable prices.

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