Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CG Mini Series Residential Water Pumps

Crompton greaves Mini Series is specially designed for residential use. These pumps are very reliable and customer friendly nature. You can buy these pumps online at lowest prices.

Everyone hates the low pressure water supply because it affects everything in a house. Residential water supply is one of the basic requirements for leading a healthy human life. In the lack of adequate water supply you cannot sustained beyond a few days. Low water supply leads many other health issues and spreads illness. It is associated with the poor sanitation and unhygienic living conditions.  However the rapid advancement of technology has improved life style and made us dependent on water pumps. With this modern technology, you do not need to dependent on municipal water supply.

To prevent all low pressure water woes and fulfill ever- increasing water demand, the brands like Crompton Greaves and many other are constructing best pumping solutions at their state-of-art manufacturing facilities.  Especially CG Mini Series is known for providing best output for maintaining residential water supply. Pumpkart, an online pump store is selling all the Mini Series pumps online at lowest prices. When you buy these pumps from this portal, you can also enjoy special discounts which are offered occasionally with EMI and many other free services.

Know more about Mini Series

For fulfilling the growing demand of pumps, CG Mini Series is recognized worldwide. CG Mini Series includes 'MINI STAR', 'MINI MASTER', and 'MINI MARVEL'. All these pumps are self priming and have 8 mtrs. Suction lift. They are suitable for use in multi storeys buildings.  For Example, a Mini Series Pump with 18 mtrs head is suitable for 1 to 2 storeys. 27 mtrs. Head pump is best suited for 1 to 4 storeys. Whereas the pump which has 36 mtrs. Head is suitable for   more than 4 storeys. These pumps can also be applied for maintaining water supply in small farms, gardens and lawns etc.

Best selling Mini Series water pumps of CG:

All these models are high demand product at pumpkart.com. Customers are appreciating these pumps for their inherent features.  To know more about these products read the below given information:

Crompton Greaves Mini Pacific I (1HP) is loaded with the value-added features and gives a pleasurable experience to the customers. This pump is generally utilized for supply sufficient water for residential applications. Crompton Greaves Mini Samudra I (1HP) is another hot selling product of CG.  It has high-quality and long life mechanical seal best suited for supply water to residential dwellings, flats, garages etc. Crompton Greaves Mini Samudra II (0.5HP) has robustly built that confirms its reliability for long time. If you are planning to purchase these pumps online, keep checking at Pumpkart.com so that you can get maximum benefits with free services.

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