Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get attractive deals on booster pumps at

Get attractive deals on booster pumps at

Nowadays, with the coming of more and more skyscrapers, people are facing the problem of having apt water pressure. People living on high floors are unable to get pressurized water. But, thanks to the modern technology, now there is a solution for this problem in the form of booster pumps. These pumps help in solving the problem of water pressure and throw the water to the top floor of the building without any hassle.  

These pumps are connected at a point where the main structure and the water supply pipe are connected. They are commonly put into use to boost the water pressure in bathroom taps, garden sprinklers, shower panels and various other domestic applications. Nowadays, seeing the surging problem of water pressure, various brands/manufacturers have addressed to this problem by launching various booster pumps in the market. These pumps come loaded with a wide array of features and offer an effective solution to the main problem i.e. water pressure. You can explore an extensive range of booster pumps at; moreover you get to purchase them at affordable prices as well.

Types –

Commonly, booster pumps are available in two types – single stage and multiple stage. Let us get to know more about these two types –

Single stage booster pump –

This pump is generally fastened to the end of the main water supply pipe. The main thing about this pump is that in case of any damage, it can be easily repaired.

Multiple stage booster pump –

This pump is used in underground water supply. The main purpose of this pump is to pull the water. The pump dispenses the centrifugal force to the pump system and the pressure is generated automatically. They are mainly used to maintain a constant supply of water in the farms.

Key Features –

  • These pumps offer noiseless functioning.
  • There is Thermal Overload Protection (TOP) that offers protection to the motor from getting burned.
  • As far as price is concerned, they are priced competitively as compared to other pumps in the market.
  • These pumps are capable of running for longer hours.


As discussed earlier, has a wide range of booster pumps under their belt. Making their presence more strong, they have recently added two of the leading booster pump manufacturers – 

Pedrollo and Blairs Water Pumps Online, India -
Pedrollo and Blairs. These two are leading brands of booster pumps and known for offering high performance, efficient and long lasting pumps. Both these brands, making use of modern technology, offer pressurized water, easy installation and maintenance free functioning. Some of the Pedrollo booster pumps are made up of stainless steel that gives the pump long life. In addition to this, it also reduces the chances wear and tear of the pump.

On the other hand, Blairs booster pumps are known to be highly reliable and capable of working for long hours. These pumps can easily function under unfavorable conditions as well. They are easy to install and owing to their compact shape they can be easily maneuvered from one place to another, offer noiseless functioning, and support automatic water transfer.  

If you are looking to purchase a booster pump, you can visit In addition to other brands, these two brands have strengthened their range of booster pumps. Choose any brand of booster pump and you can be rest assured that you will get an assured solution for water pressure problem.

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