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Water heating system provides us with hot water anytime throughout the day. If you don’t have hot water then you have to go through the hassle of heating the water manually for your bathing & washing needs. Needless to say, these geysers really come handy during winters and in the colder regions. Seeing an extensive range of geysers in the market, making a right decision can be a tough ask.

Kenstar Water Heaters Online, India -

Now, where every other brand is struggling to make its name, Kenstar is one name that has offered a wide range of geysers and other household appliances. The company has a wide range of geysers and all of their products are known for quality, longevity and robust built. If you want to enjoy buying a Kenstar geyser online, then is a leading portal that will make things easier for you. Let us get to know the best geysers of Kenstar in detail –

Top-selling geysers of Kenstar –

Like already mentioned, all the geysers of Kenstar are known for offering high-efficiency, robust nature and long life. Following are their best selling geysers –

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) –

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) Online, India -

It is a compact and high-performance geyser which is known for its modern looks. Talking about its features, it comes with external temperature control, Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated ultra thick tank, Multi-functional valve, Heavy Duty Magnesium Anode Rod. All these features make this model as one of the best selling geysers of Kenstar. Owing to its efficiency and high performance, it has been give 5 stars from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS25W5P) –

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS25W5P) Online, India -
This model is known as a feature-rich geyser. It gives you instant supply of hot water whenever you require. With its compact size, the geyser can be easily installed on the wall. It comes with rust free body which offers longevity to the geyser. With its capability of saving 50% electricity, it has been given 5 star rating from BEE.

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS35W4M) –

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS35W4M) Online, India -
The geyser has a beautifully carved, sturdy metallic body that offers long life. It also comes with certified heating element which guarantees reliability, safety and quality. It is capable of saving 50% electricity and it also been awarded as 5 stars from BEE. With its compact and lightweight, it can be easily carried and mounted on the wall.

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS15G8P) –

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS15G8P) Online, India -
Aquajoy is one of the company’s best-selling geysers. The product is synonym with quality, high-performance, sturdy built and longevity due to which it has been provided with 5 star rating from BEE. Its temperature Control Knob helps you to adjust the temperature according to the weather conditions, Heavy Duty Magnesium Anode Rod offer prevention to the tank from both rust and corrosion and Thermal Cut-out prevents overheating.

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS06W5P) –

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS06W5P) Online, India -
This particular model comes with modern exterior design that easily matches all washroom interiors. With certified heating element, you get an assurance of safety, reliability and quality. Proving its efficiency, the geyser saves 50% electricity and owing to this it has been given 5 star rating from BEE.

Without a doubt, Kenstar is name that is known for quality and high-performance. If you want to buy a quality geyser then make sure that you consider the above discussed models. These models are readily available at at affordable prices.

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