Monday, September 1, 2014

Waaree Solar Water Pumps - Buy Online at Lowest Prices

The solar water pumps from the brands like Waaree and many other are currently in demand in various regions across India. Many online shopping sites are selling these pumps at lowest prices with a number of exciting offers. 

Waaree Solar Water Pumps | Waaree Solar Pump Dealers, India -

Farmers in those areas, where grid power supply does not work are facing problem for crops irrigation. They are in need of energy efficient water pumping solution to compete with the ever increasing diesel and electricity prices. To help these farmers, a number of companies are coming forward and offering alternative pumping solutions which can run on renewal energy sources like solar power. The demand of these pumps is increasing day by day because of their energy efficient nature. Waaree, a leading brand in this segment, is offering great range of solar water pumping solutions. These systems are specially designed to lift water for irrigation and a number of household applications. To reach more customers, the brand is selling its solar water pumps online at very affordable cost. These products are also available at, a leading online platform that gives everyone simple access of buying water pumps of renowned brands through sitting & home service. To overpower the cost issue, this portal is offering great discount with EMI and free shipping services to the customers.

Waaree solar pumps are gaining more popularity among the users because of their inbuilt features. They come with photovoltaic panels which produces energy for pumps running. These pumps can be installed anywhere with the help of a professional or by consulting the manual. However the installation of these pumps can be costly but you can cover-up this cost with the great savings on electricity bills and maintenance cost shortly.

Best selling Waaree Solar Water Pumps at Pumpkart:

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 100-18S (DC)

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 100-18S (DC) Online, India -

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 120-19S (DC)

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 120-19S (DC) Online, India -

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 45-42S (DC)

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 45-42S (DC) Online, India -

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 45-63S (DC)

Waaree Solar Submersible Pump WSPD 45-63S (DC) Online, India -

If you buy any of these pump models, you would receive the following benefits:

  • No need of Generator.
  • You can save huge money on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • No batteries required.
  • Increased pump reliability.
  • No grid power interconnection is required.
  • It has noiseless operations

These pumps are ideal solution for everyone who wants to become energy independent. They are best to use for farms irrigation purposes:

  • These pumps are easy to install.
  • They come with easy-to-install kits with accompanying literature and telephone support system to the customers.
  • They are very safe to use.
  • These pumps are ideal for remote locations. They operate directly when the sun is shining, so they work hardest under hot summer sun.
  • Batteries are generally not required because the water can be stored in tanks or pumped to fields during the daytime.
  • These pumps are required very less maintenance.
  • They are very effective for remote livestock water supply, small irrigation systems and pond aeration.

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