Friday, September 5, 2014

Well Known United States Based Pump Manufacturers

Well Known United States Based Pump Manufacturers -

The need of water is felt everywhere, even in a country like United States of America there is a need of pressurized water. In a developed country like America, mostly every second home has Jacuzzis, shower panels and various other bathroom accessories installed. Now, all these bathroom accessories need to have pressurized and continuous water flow which is provided with the help of water pumps. 

America, being an advanced and developed country, has some of the best pump manufacturers. These manufacturers are known for their vast experience, extensive range of products, high-quality and excellent service. Let us discuss some of the best pump manufacturers in America –

Ampco Pumps Company –

Since 1948, the company has been providing quality pumps for sanitary, industries and marine. They are committed to offer quality pumps, affordable price and customer service. The mentioned reasons have made them as one of the preferred brands not only in Glendale, Wisconsin but across the globe also. The pumps are manufactured and tested in Wisconsin. The company deals in centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps and industrial/marine centrifugal pumps. 

Carver Pump Co. –

Company started manufacturing pumps in 1938 and it is known to offer quality and high-performance pumps. Today, Carver Pump is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps in the world. Their operations comprise of manufacturing pumping equipments and accessories. They have built pumps for chemicals, water, oil and both public & private sectors. The company deals in vertical, cantilevered pumps, end suction pumps, vertical sump pumps, close coupled centrifugal pumps and various others.

R.S. Corcoran –

Company has been manufacturing corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps since 1957. They are the leaders in providing adaptable and user-oriented line of corrosion resistant pumps. A wide range of horizontal pumps, single seal, cartridge seal, double seal, with self-primer and vortex impeller choice are also available. In addition to this, the company also manufactures industrial designs stainless steel and exotic alloyed submersible sump pumps.    

Pentair –

Company is known to have vast experience in providing pumping solutions across the globe. It is a leading name in the manufacturing of pumps and other pump-related accessories. The pumps manufactured by them are well-known for high-quality, consistent performance and efficiency which has taken them ahead of their competitors. The company is known to make use of modern technology in the manufacturing of the pumps that maintains efficiency and high-performance of the pumps. Customer service is also top-notch which strengthens the trust factors amongst the users.

Without a doubt, the companies mentioned above have carved a niche in the pump industry not only in America but around the globe as well. Pumps from these manufactures can be readily purchased both online and offline. Pumps from these manufacturers are soon to be added on, if you are planning to purchase a water pump then you can keep checking the portal intermittently.

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