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Where to Purchase Kenstar Water Heaters Online

Where to purchase Kenstar water heaters online -

Having a hot water bath after a long hectic day can be a pure bliss. But, in order to enjoy hot water, you need to have a water heater. The market has a plethora of options when it comes to water heaters which certainly make the decision process a bit intricate. Yes, there are so many brands but Kenstar is one brand that spells out quality, reliability and high performance, owing to which it has become a trusted brand for offering a wide range of domestic appliances.

We all are pretty much aware about the surging trend of online shopping. There are various factors that make online shopping successful such as – convenience, large variety, and most importantly the cost factor. is a household name for offering a wide variety of Kenstar water heaters at cost effective prices. Let us get to know some of the best selling Kenstar water heaters in detail –

Top selling Kenstar water heaters –

Let us discuss some of the best selling water heaters of Kenstar

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS06W5M) –

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS06W5M) Online, India -

It is one of the performance based water heaters of Kenstar. This geyser will aptly fulfill the hot water requirement. The geyser is well-known for its compact shape, reliability, high performance and reliability. Its metallic body ensures the sturdiness and offers long life. It saves 50% electricity, owing to which it has been given 5 stars rating from BEE. Its certified heating element assures reliability, quality and above all safety.

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) –

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) Online, India -

It is a product that is loaded with modern features which assures hot water whenever you need it. Other features that make this model special, include – Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated tank, Multi-functional valve, Temperature Control Knob, Thermal Cut-Out and Magnesium Anode Rod. Owing to its compact size, the water heater is quite easy to install.

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS10W5P) –

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS10W5P) Online, India -
If you seek high performance, impressive build quality, efficiency then this water heater will surely fulfill your expectations. In addition to other features, you get to enjoy hot water any time throughout the day. It helps saving 50% electricity and because of this it has BEE’s 5 star rating. With its certified heating element, you get an assurance of safety, reliability and quality. Exterior design of the water heater has a modern look and rightly blends in with the bathroom’s décor.

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS25G8P) –

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS25G8P) Online, India -
It is one of the elegant and useful products of Kenstar. You can be rest assured that you will have constant supply of hot water in your home. Thermal cut out offers protection against thermostat failure. Being loaded with various features, it has a significant demand from the user end. Its features comprise of – Thermal Cut Out, Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated tank, Heavy Duty Magnesium Anode Rod, Temperature Control Knob and High precision capillary thermostat.

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS25W5M) –

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS25W5M) Online, India -
You can give yourself a refreshing & energetic start with this Kenstar’s hot water heater. The best part is that it performs the main function efficiently i.e. offering hot water. With its modern features and compact design, it can be rightly called a technological marvel. The geyser has a metallic body which ensures a sturdy exterior thus offering longevity to the water heater. It saves 50% electricity, owing to which it has been awarded with 5 stars rating.

Without a doubt, a water heater is a must have for every home. Kenstar is a leading brand of water heaters and you can purchase your favorite model from at affordable prices. Here, in addition to a wide variety, you can also make use of varied payment methods as well.

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