Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best place to buy Water Heaters

Best place to buy water heaters Online, India -

During winters, a hot water heater is a necessity. Nowadays, the old-styled heater is not just the only available option as the marketplace is flooded with a wide variety of water heaters. Seeing this variety, it is more of a challenge to choose the best one. But, if you are aware of the leading brands, you can easily make a smart choice. Some of the leading brands/manufacturers of water heaters are – Crompton Greaves, Khaitan and Kenstar. These brands have a wide variety of water heaters in the marketplace, their products are known for efficiency, high-performance and reliability.

You don’t need to go anywhere as you can purchase these water heaters while enjoying the comfort of your home. All you need is to shop at; here you will get an extensive variety of water heaters. You can purchase these water heaters at affordable prices and make the most of your online shopping. Let us explore some of the best products of these three leading brands –

Top selling water heaters

Crompton Greaves Solarium (ASWH825) –

Crompton Greaves Solarium (ASWH825) Online, India -
The water heater ensures that you get constant supply of hot water. Ensuring the best safety measures, it comes with multi-function safety valve, non-return, drainage feature, anti-vacuum and pressure relief. Seeing its efficiency, it has been awarded 5 star rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH625A) –

Crompton Greaves Arno (ASWH625A) Online, India -
It is a portable and lightweight hot water heater from the house of Crompton Greaves. Being compact in shape, it consumes lesser space and it is also an energy efficient model. It has ABS body which is rust and shock proof. With the help of thermostat safety devices, it can easily regulate the temperature.

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS06W5P) –

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS06W5P) Online, India -
It is a product that aptly meets the domestic hot water requirements. With its high-efficiency, it has been awarded with BEE’s 5 star rating. With its compact shape, it consumes lesser space and it is easy to install as well. The geyser is safe to use and it can be easily maintained. Automatic thermostat ensures automatic water supply. It is made up of sturdy material that ensures robustness and longevity.

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) –


If you seek quality, reliability, high-performance and efficiency then this is the right product. In addition to these, it is also a feature rich model which comprise of – Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated tank, magnesium anode rod, high precision capillary thermostat, temperature control knob, thermal cut-out and multi-functional valve.

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) –

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) Online, India -
Khaitan is a brand that does not need any introduction and this thing also goes for their products as well. Meeting all safety standards, it comes with an ISI mark. With 10L capacity, it is sufficient for a modern family. Rust free material of the geyser makes the water heater more durable and also increases its life.

Khaitan Orange Geyser (10L) –

Khaitan Orange Geyser (10L) Online, India -
It is one of the Khaitan’s water heater that has set new benchmarks in standard, reliability and efficiency. In addition to various other features, it comes with ISI marked stem type thermostat, hydraulically tested high pressure withstanding tank, brass plate and fittings. ABS body provides apt protection from rust. In-built pressure release valve for additional safety. 

If you really want your money’s worth and a wide range of hot water heaters then will aptly fulfill all your needs and requirements. Not only these geysers will help you to save significant amount of money but it will add a new dimension to your bathroom’s d├ęcor as well. 

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