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Buying Havells Hot Water Heaters Online

Buying Havells hot water heater online | Havells Geysers India -

During winters, if you ask me one domestic appliance which is considered staple, then it has to be a hot water heater. Everybody wants to enjoy a relaxing hot water bath in the morning or after coming back from office late night. This is where a hot water heater fulfills the requirement, aptly. But, with so many brands, it is a bewildering task to make a smart decision. Every brand boast of being the best and this is where the things get more complicated. There is one brand which has stayed true to their claims – Havells.

When it comes to hot water heaters, Havells has offered an extensive range of heaters in the marketplace. When you look at their heaters, the first thing that you notice is the modern and attractive shape. This is just one factor; there are others as well that make their products stand out and popular amongst the buyers. If you are looking for the best deals, you can grab it at Here, in addition to a wide variety of Havells water heaters, you get the best prices as well. Let us discuss some of the best selling Havells water heaters online –

Top selling hot water heaters –

Following are some of the hot water heaters that will surely make your buying process simpler –

Havells Bello Digital 15L –

Havells Bello Digital 15L Online, India -
Name any hot water heater, one thing that remains common in all the models is the abundance of features. The geyser is available in two attractive colors i.e. Ivory Brown and White Blue. It has Digital Setting which sets automatic operating of the geyser for Auto off and Auto on time. There is digital temperature setting which can be set from 25 degree centigrade. While the heater is heating water from 60 degree to 65 degree centigrade, you can see a Sun sign that will keep flashing on the digital screen.

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L –

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L Online, India -
Fino Horizontal is one of the water heaters that is known for its high performance and compact shape. The model is available in both 15L and 25L. It is made up of ultra thick super cold rolled steel plates which are 2mm thick. It offers apt protection from rust and corrosion, thus adding years to the life of the geyser. There is Anode Rod that offers protection from corrosion. There is right protection from radiant heat loss with CFC free thicker PUF insulation.

Havells Puro 25L –

Havells Puro 25L Online | Water Heaters India -
Puro has an Enamel Coated Tank along with single Weld Line design. There is complete protection against corrosion with Heavy Duty Anode Rod. Incoloy Heating Element assures superior best heating performance along with impressive resistance to carbonization and oxidation. Along with these, other additional features comprise of digital display, adjustable knob for temperature settings, water tubes with whirl flow technology and heating indicator lamp.

Havells Monza SLK-HB 35L –

Havells Monza SLK-HB 35L Online | Water Heaters India -
The best thing about this model is that it is available in different quantities – 15L, 25L, 35L, 50L and 100L. The geyser is made up of ultra thick super cold rolled steel plates which is 2mm thick. With heavy duty anode rod, there is appropriate protection to the tank from corrosion. Various other features that make this water heater interesting are – digital display, adjustable knob for temperature, water tubes with whirl technology and heating indicator lamp.

If you have plans to buy a Havells hot water heater, then above discussed models will surely help you. Purchase a Havells hot water heater online at and get your money’s worth.

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