Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leading Brands of Water Pumps in India

Leading Brands of Water Pumps in India - Pumpkart.com

Find out additional information about the primary water pump manufacturers that are ruling the Indian market for past few years. Most of these brands’ are promoting their water pumps online at the shopping sites like Pumpkart.com.

Every home needs the pressurized water supply. To give a boost to the water supply, specially designed water pumps are in high demand these days. However the days are gone when pump buyer opts to go in the offline store to buy a water pump of a local manufacturer. Now they became the smart buyers and are finding the new options from where they can get the reliable water pumps effortlessly. They also became the brand conscious and always are wondering for the trustworthy  brands. Owing to which there is a tough competition between various water pump manufacturers. However, every company is struggling hard to be the best one.

Crompton Greaves:

Crompton Greaves Water Pump Dealers Online, India - Pumpkart.com
The Crompton Greaves is recognized to the offering of quality and high-performance pumps. Is is a part of Avantha Group and committed to the manufacturing and marketing of advanced water pumps for domestic and commercial applications. Its pump systems are highly admired for quality & high-performance. It started pump manufacturing in 1937 in India and today has a strong worldwide marketing network.


Kirloskar Water Pump Dealers Online, India - Pumpkart.com
Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is another well-known pump manufacturer in India.  Its pumps are highly appreciated for handy nature. The best-selling pumps of this brand are Jalraj 1 (1HP), Chhotu and many others.


Bosch Car Washer Dealers Online, India - Pumpkart.com
The Bosch brand name need not any introduction. It is known worldwide for advanced home tools and high pressure washers. It is a leading player in the water pump industry. Keeping in mind the modern lifestyle and needs, it keeps its pumps updated and make changes according to the customers demand.


V-Guard Water Pump Dealers Online, India - Pumpkart.com
No surprise if the name of V-guard is included in this list. It has been providing quality pumps for wide use. The brand ensures better quality, better design and the best output through its pumps. The company has developed labs in Cochin and Coimbatore to ensure quality. It has reinvented its existing product range  and guarantee complete satisfaction to the buyers who are looking pumps for life long.


Oswal Water Pump Dealers Online, India - Pumpkart.com
It has been started manufacturing in 2000. Today, it has gained a  good position in the domestic and overseas market. It has an extensive range of submersible pumps, deep well pumps, etc. 

Other notable brands include Shakti, Polar, Arise, Lubi Khaitan and many others. They all are going online mode to beat more buyers across India. Needless to say, above mentioned brands are some of the well-known water pump brands in India. Most of these brands’ pumps can be purchased both online and offline. You can visit Pumpkart.com to purchase these pumps at reasonable rates.

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