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Purchase economical Khaitan water heaters @

Purchase economical Khaitan water heaters @

If you have a requirement for a hot water heater then it is obvious then you will be bewildered with the abundant variety that is available in the market. This Diwali, bring home the best brand of hot water heaters i.e. Khaitan. The best part of the brand is that you get brand assurance and above all it has an extensive variety to offer. Every product is known for its high performance, quality and reliability.

This festive season get your money’s worth by shopping Khaitan water heaters online at If you seek attractive discounts, extensive variety and prompt customer support then Pumpkart is the right place to shop. When you are aware of the best products of Khaitan, it will certainly make your shopping easier. Following are some of the best and performance-based Khaitan hot water heaters

Top selling Khaitan water heaters

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) –

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) Water Heaters Online | Buy Khaitan Ocio 10L Geysers India -
This particular model is known for its high performance, reliability and sturdy built. With its high-tech thermostat cutout, the power cuts out the power supply as and when the temperature surpasses the safety limit. With its sturdy, rust free and ABS body, it assures the longevity of the geyser. It has a compact size and lightweight which makes it easier to be mounted on the wall.  

Khaitan Ocio Geyser (6L) –

Khaitan Ocio Geyser (6L) Online | Buy Khaitan Ocio 6L Water Heater India -
Assuring reliability factor, Ocio comes with an ISI mark and a modern design. It is a feature-rich model that makes it more efficient and appealing as well. It comes with a rust-proof ABS body that offers hassle-free performance. Thermal cut out feature assures safety element of the geyser, it comes with a modern design and available in vibrant colors as well. It has 6L of capacity which aptly fulfills the needs & requirements of a family. 

Khaitan Ocio Metal (6L) –

Khaitan Ocio Metal (6L) Geyser Online | Buy Khaitan Ocio 6L Water Heater India -
This particular model is a smart choice for the winter season. What makes this model more special is its latest design, modern features, its high performance etc. It is capable of quick heating and at the same time it saves considerable amount of energy as well. Assuring safe operation, the geyser has a multiple safety system. It has a long lasting heating element and various other features comprise of – brass plat and fittings, rust proof ABS body and various others. Add a touch of glamour to your bathroom with Ocio.

Khaitan Inferno Geyser (35L) –


Inferno is a cherished product of Khaitan which is known for its high performance and efficient functioning. Needless to say, it comes with vibrant features and compact size, which makes it easier to carry it from one location to another. When it comes to features it comprise of – safety device for accidental flameout, cold and hot switch with spray shower, water flow selector knob, 3 circulation pipes heat exchanger and flame fender to guide the flame. 

Khaitan Orange Geyser (25L) –

Khaitan Orange Geyser (25L) Online | Buy Khaitan Orange 25L Water Heater India -
Various features, high performance and assurance of instant hot water makes it an ideal domestic product. Now, in the morning or in the evening, you don’t have to wait for long hours to enjoy a relaxing hot water bath. Above all, its modern features make it special. There is Neon lamp for heating and Thermal Cut-Out and in-built pressure release valve adds on to the safety features. It has a rust-proof ABS body which also helps in increasing the life of the heater.

Diwali is a festival that gives you a reason to celebrate and so does the prices and attractive discounts of Khaitan hot water heaters at So, double the joy of Diwali and make the most of shopping at

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