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Best Deals on Havells Water Heaters Online

Best Deals on Havells Water Heaters Online | Havells Water Heater Dealers -
During winter season, a water heater is a must have in every home. With the help of a good water heater, you get to enjoy hot water supply anytime you want. But, when you go to the marketplace, things get a little tricky when you have to choose a water heater of a good brand. The market, both online and offline, is flooded with various brands and every brand boast of being the best. But, Havells is a brand which has proved its name by offering performance-based water heaters.

You don’t have to wander anywhere as you can purchase Havells water heaters at at affordable prices. Here, in addition to extensive variety, you get to enjoy attractive prices and prompt customer support. Let us discuss the top selling Havells water heaters –

Premium Havells water heaters –

Havells Bello Digital 15L –

Havells Bello Digital 15L Online, India -
This particular model is loaded with high-end features that make this water heater special. All these features make it more efficient and reliable. With energy saving temperature setting, you get to save considerable amount of energy. There is dry heating warning, which informs you that there is no water in the tank. Whirl Flow Technology ensures that there is no contact between hot & cold water in order to attain instant heating and for saving energy. The water heater is available in White Blue / Ivory Brown colors. 

Havells Opal 10L –

Havells Opal 10L Water Heaters Online | Havells 10L Opal Geyser India -
If you are looking for a water heater that is energy efficient, heats water instantly, have modern features and comes with a compact design then Opal can be an ideal choice for you. With the help of digital setting, you can set start and stop timings. While heating of the water from 60 to 65 degree centigrade, a symbol of a ‘sun’ appears and will keep on flashing. It will disappear as and when the temperature reaches 65 degree centigrade. It also comes with Whirl Flow Technology. 

Havells Monza 25L –

Havells Monza 25L Water Heaters Online | Havells Monza 25L Geyser India -
Monza is one of the best selling water heaters of Havells. It has Vitreous Enamel Coated Tank along with single weld line design. There is apt protection from corrosion with the help of Heavy Duty Anode Rod. Incololy 800 Coated Heating element provides excellent heating along with resistance to both carbonization and oxidation at elevated temperature. Other features of the water heater comprise of – Energy Saving High Density Puf Insulations, digital display for the right temperature that is there inside the tank, there is heating indicator lamp, water tubes with whirl flow technology and adjustable knob for setting temperature.

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L –

Havells Fino Horizontal 25L Water Heaters Online | Havells Fino Horizontal 25L Geysres India -
This particular water heater can be called a technological marvel. It has an adjustable knob which helps in setting temperature from 25°C to 75° C that helps in saving significant amount of energy. With the help of digital display, you get to know about the actual temperature inside the tank. There is also apt protection to the electrical parts from water splashing. It also comes with a heating indicator lamp.   

Havells Puro 25L –

Puro has set new standards in water heater industry. It has Vitreous Enameled Coated Tank along with single weld line design which ensures its efficiency. Magnesium anode rod offer apt protection to the enameled tank from both corrosion and rust. Incoloy 800 coated heating element help in resisting erosion from hard water conditions. Various other features of the water heater comprise of – Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB), digital display, adjustable knob for setting temperature, water tubes with whirl flow technology and various others.

If you are looking for a brand which is known to offer efficient and reliable water heaters then Havells is the right choice for you. You can make your buying process easier by buying it from Here, you get to know more about the product’s specifications, its features and applications. The prices are also competitive and you get to enjoy multiple payment options as well. 

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