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Buy performance based 5GL water pumps online @

Buy performance based 5GL water pumps online @

If you want to purchase a water pump; there are so many questions that run through your mind which mainly comprise of choosing a brand that is performance-based and trustworthy. But, with the presence of various brands/manufacturers, things get arduous as far as choosing a trustworthy brand is concerned. There are so many brands of water pumps and every one claims to be the best, 5GL is a name that has surpassed the competition and made their name as one of the best water pump companies. Their arsenal comprise of various water pumps which are known for high performance, strong built, efficiency etc.

You must be wondering about the right place from where you can purchase these pumps at cost-effective prices. You can enjoy best deals on 5GL water pumps at In addition to attractive prices, you also get to choose from a wide array of pumps. Let us get to know more about the best-selling water pumps of 5GL –

Premium 5GL water pumps

5GL Mini Fresh 50 (0.5HP) –

5GL Mini Fresh 50 (0.5HP) Online, India -
This particular pump is known for efficient working and strong built. Owing to this, the pump enjoys a great demand from the user end. The key thing about this pump is that it can be easily installed and the customization can be done as per the user’s needs and requirements. The raw materials which have been used for the manufacturing of the water pumps ensure the sturdiness and longevity of the pump. The pump can be used in hotels, homes, bungalows and hospitals.

5GL Super Fresh 100 (1HP) –

5GL Super Fresh 100 (1HP) Online, India -
This pump is an important unit of the 5GL’s pressure boosting series. It is a pump that caters to standard pressure boosting purposes. The pump offers right amount of pressure that manually caters to a maximum of 5 bathrooms water requirements. The pump is well-known for high performance, durability and above all it can be purchased at an affordable price. The pump can be used in order to fulfill commercial and domestic pressure boosting requisites.

5GL Techno Sewage 50 (0.5HP) –

5GL Techno Sewage 50 (0.5HP) Online, India -
This particular pump comes under the techno polymer submersible sewage pumps. The pump comes loaded with varied capacities, versions and power ratings. It is mainly put into use for pumping out the waste water from both basements and sewage. It comes with a float switch which automatically controls off and on system as and when there is a variation in the liquid level. It comes with an efficient grinder system, convenient impeller adjustment, robust & versatile pump, efficient relocation of domestic sewage and unique watertight cable connection.  

5GL Sewage pump WVSD75F (1HP) –

5GL Sewage pump WVSD75F (1HP) Online, India -
The pump is in high demand due to its easy maintenance, reliability and use of advanced technology. The main thing that makes this pump more popular is the fact that it caters to varied requirements at domestic, municipal, industries, hospitals and hotels. Other features comprise of long lasting performance, silent working, easy handling and installation.

5GL Super Fresh 075 (0.75HP) –

5GL Super Fresh 075 (0.75HP) Online, India -
The model has certainly gone one step ahead in the water pump technology. This is considered as one of the best domestic booster pumps and it supports automatic operation with the opening of the tap. The bathroom can easily cater to 8 bathrooms simultaneously. It is energy efficient, rust resistant and made with durable materials. The pump can be used in hotels, bungalows, hospitals and homes.

If you choose 5GL water pumps, you can be rest assured that you will get high performance, longevity and reliability. If you purchase these pumps at you get to enjoy attractive prices/deals. Moreover, there are multiple payment options which comprise of – Cash on Delivery, Online Payment and EMI.

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