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Buying the best Kenstar water heaters @

Buying the best Kenstar water heaters @

If you have plans to purchase a new hot water heater then you are surely going to get puzzled with the kind of variety that is available out there, both online and offline. But, you are not the only one who has to go through all this; there are so many people who have to face the same situation.  Before you make a final decision, it is imperative that you should decide that your choice aptly satisfies hot water requirements of your family and at the same time should be energy efficient as well.

I am sure, you want to go for a brand that offers reliability, high performance, efficiency and most importantly offer hot water. All these things are provided by Kenstar water heaters. In addition to these, the company has an extensive range of water heaters in the market. These water heaters can be purchased at at affordable prices. Let us get to know more about the best Kenstar water heaters –

Top selling Kenstar water heaters

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS35W4M) –

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS35W4M) Online, India -
This model is an ideal choice when it comes to electricity consumption, certified by BEE and it is the safest model as well. The geyser is durable and can easily blend with varied bathroom’s décor. It is fitted with vacuum release valve that helps in the prevention of the collapsing of the inner tank. The body is made up of metal that assures its sturdiness and maintains longevity as well. 

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) –

Kenstar Aquafresh (KGS15G8M) Online | Kenstar Geysres India -
This particular model is well-known its efficient functioning, its sturdy & modern structure and high overall performance. Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated ultra thick tank offers protection from both corrosion and rust. It has 15 litre of capacity which makes it an ideal domestic product. In addition to these, it includes thermal cut-out, temperature control knob, high precision capillary thermostat, multi-functional valve and, magnesium anode rod.

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS15W5M) –

Kenstar Hot Spring (KGS15W5M) Online | Buy Kenstar Hot Spring India -
It is a high-performance water heater which assures you hot water at your disposal. It has sturdy body and it enjoys certified heating element. The geyser is capable of saving 50% electricity. For being energy efficient, it has been awarded with BEE’s 5 star rating. The geyser helps you in enhancing the décor of your bathroom as well.

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS15W5P) –

Kenstar Jacuzzi (KGS15W5P) Online | Buy Kenstar Geysers India -
With the help of this water heater, you have an easy access to hot water throughout the day. The geyser has a wide array of features that makes this geyser desirable. Along with rust-free & durable body, the long life of the geyser is also assured. Owing to its high efficiency, it enjoys 5 star rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). Heat retention technology makes sure that the water gets heated with high pressure. It is an ideal domestic product that can be easily mounted in the bathrooms.

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS25G8P) –

Kenstar Aquajoy (KGS25G8P) Online | Buy Kenstar Aquajoy India -
This particular model is one of the best selling water heaters. It has a long list of modern features and in addition to this, it has compact shape and lightweight which makes it easier to carry it from one location to another. Thermal Cut Out feature considerably reduces the chances of overheating. High precision capillary thermostat assists in the controlling the external temperature. In addition to these, other features comprise of – Blue Sapphire Enamel-coated tank, temperature control knob and heavy duty magnesium anode rod.

With Kenstar water heaters, you can be rest assured that you get to enjoy hot water whenever you want. All their water heaters are tested for quality, high performance and reliability. You can avail the best & discounted prices when you purchase a hot water heater from In addition to attractive prices, you get to enjoy prompt customer support for all your queries.

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