Monday, November 10, 2014

Buying the best Khaitan hot water heaters online

During winters, having a hot water heater is a must. But, seeing extensive variety in the market, making a right choice is not an easy task. Moreover, people are also not aware about the things that they should consider while purchasing a water heater. Talking about brands, the market is flooded with so many brands, but Khaitan is one brand which has proved their name by offering efficient, cost effective and reliable water heaters in both online and offline markets.
Buying the best Khaitan hot water heaters online, India -

Khaitan water heaters can be purchased online as well from Here, you get to choose from a wide range of water heaters, the prices are affordable, you get prompt customer support and you get to enjoy multiple payment options, including Payment Online, EMI options and Cash on Delivery. Let us get familiar with the best selling Khaitan water heaters –

Top selling Khaitan water heaters

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) –

Khaitan Ocio Metal (10L) Online | Khaitan Ocio Metal Geysers India -
This particular model is capable of heating 10 liters of water. The high-tech thermostat cut-out feature shuts down the power supply, if the temperature goes beyond the safety limits. The geyser has a sturdy body which reduces the chances of wear and tear, thus increasing the longevity. It has a modern design that makes it attractive and helps in increasing the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Its compact size and lightweight makes it easier to mount it on the wall.

Khaitan Ocio Geyser (6L) –

Khaitan Ocio Geyser (6L) Online | Khaitan Ocio Water Heaters India -
The water heater has a rust-proof ABS body which helps in offering trouble free functioning. The thermal cut feature ensures utmost safety when the water temperature goes above the preset temperature. The products which are used for the manufacturing the water heater is of premium quality and durable as well. The geyser also have a modern design and available in attractive colors. Its compact size and lightweight makes it easier to be carried from place to another.

Khaitan ABS Geyser (1L) –

Khaitan ABS Geyser (1L) Online | Khaitan ABS Water Heaters India -
It is one of the efficient and high-performance water heaters of Khaitan. It comes with rust-proof body and delivers hot water whenever you require. With its long lasting heating element, efficiency is ensured. The best thing about the water heater is its features which comprise of – Thermal cut-out, hydraulically tested high pressure, Withstanding tank, and in-built pressure release valve for additional safety and Neon lamp for heating.

Khaitan Orange Geyser (10L) –

Khaitan Orange Geyser (10L) Online | Khaitan Orange Water Heaters India -
If you seek high performance, reliability and efficiency, this is a model that you should have. The water heater has an ABS body and it is rust proof. With its multiple safety system, brass plated fittings and ISI marked stem type thermostat, this particular product has certainly gone one step ahead of its competition. It also has hydraulically tested high pressure withstanding tank and comes with an in-built pressure release valve.    

Khaitan Inferno Geyser (15L) –

Khaitan Inferno Geyser (15L) Online | Khaitan Inferno Water Heaters India -
This water heater is loaded with modern features and this is what makes it special and exclusive. Its modern features comprise of – water flow selector knob, old and hot switch with spray shower, safety device for accidental flameout, mesh on exhaust and various others. Its modern design adds a new dimension to your bathroom’s decor.

So, if you are looking for a water heater that offers high levels of efficiency, reliability and high performance then you can make a choice from the above mentioned Khaitan water heaters. Make your buying easier by making a purchase from Here, in addition to a huge variety, the prices are affordable as well. 

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