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Buy submersible pumps from online dealers in Ludhiana

Buy submersible pumps from online dealers in Ludhiana -

Ludhiana is an industrial city of Punjab and it is also known as ‘manufacturing capital of Punjab’. Being the largest city of the state, the approximate population of the city is more than 3,600,900. Seeing the rising population, the locals have to undergo the problem of perennial water shortage. Water pumps have successfully offered a solution to this problem and there is an extensive demand for the submersible pumps. is an online dealer of a wide range of submersible pumps in Ludhiana. Doing business online, they have a reputed standing and offer uber services to their esteemed customers. You have an easy access to a wide variety of submersible pumps and as far as prices are concerned, they are quite competitive as compared to others. Following are some of the best selling submersible pumps –

Top selling submersible pumps

Oswal Single Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) | 2HP Oswal Open Well Pump, Ludhiana -
The pump is known for excellent built, high performance and reliability. Along with efficient functioning, the pump consumes less power. With water lubricated bearings, the pump maintains maintenance free functioning. There is a dearth of suction trouble and the pump has a noiseless operation. The pump is used for domestic water supply to housing complexes, multistoried buildings, farm drip & sprinkler irrigation, nurseries, lodgings and cooling water circulation systems.

5GL Techno Sewage 100 (1HP) –

5GL Techno Sewage 100 (1HP) | 1HP 5GL Techno Sewage Pumps Online, Ludhiana -
It is an advanced pump which is put into use for both domestic and commercial drainage water applications. The key feature of this pump is that it has high discharge at high heads. The pump is known to have efficient grinder system and it is equipped with equipped with single / double channel impellers; cutter and grinder impellers that facilitates smooth operation under extreme conditions.

Oswal 3” Submersible Single Phase OSW-5 SF D (1HP) –

Oswal 3” Submersible Single Phase OSW-5 SF D (1HP) | 1HP Oswal 3 Inch Submersible Singel Phase -
It is one of the best selling pumps of Oswal. The pump successfully caters to domestic, industrial and agriculture water requirements. While manufacturing, TOP guidelines are being followed by the company which makes it unique. The pump consumes less power and has record water output. It has efficient functioning; this makes it ideal for the high volume operations. The designing of the pump also makes it unique and it also maintains low maintenance.   

Crompton Greaves 4” Submersible Single Phase 4CSSF5-1010 (1 HP) –

Crompton Greaves 4” Submersible Single Phase 4CSSF5-1010 (1 HP) Online, Ludhiana -
It is one of the best pumps that aptly fulfills agricultural and domestic water requirements. The pump has a nice amalgamation of modern design and efficient functioning. The pump has advanced hydraulics that helps in maintaining efficient functioning. Low maintenance cost is one of the key reasons for its extensive demand. It is built with abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials. With the help of stainless steel non-return valve, there is an apt protection for backflow of water. There is also protected impellers and diffusers. The pumps are used for multi-storey buildings, irrigation & drip irrigation, bungalows, nurseries and gardening.  

Shakti Three Phase Open Well Pump SHOS 50-160 (7.5HP) –

Shakti Three Phase Open Well Pump SHOS 50-160 (7.5HP) | 7.5HP Shakti Open Well Pumps Ludhiana -
If you are seeking efficient functioning, reliability, efficiency then this pump is an ideal choice. The pump does not require separate foundation, better cooling and silent functioning. The pump has a compact size which helps in easily maneuverability from one place to another. The pump is also easy to install and offer noise and vibration free operation.

If you want to purchase submersible pumps then make sure that you have visited Here, you can be rest assured that you get extensive variety and attractive prices. You also get to enjoy prompt customer support and sing step checkout process. Gaining holistic information about the pumps and their applications can be done with a simple click.

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