Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Buying Water Pumps Easily from the World’s Largest Marketplace

Pumpkart India's largest marketplace for Water Pumps

Shopping of water pumps could be a great fun, as there are a plenty of options available online at!  This portal aims to be the world’s largest marketplace for water pumps, and many other comparable products. is making the buying and selling of water pumps easier. It has launched the marketplace for small and big pump manufacturers to display their products online. Whereas its mobile app is a blessing for those buyers who would love to shop via their phones anytime, anywhere.

This market place would aim to take 4000 pump manufacturers, hardware and sanitary ware retailers on board. They all can list and sell their products directly to the customers. On the other hand, this model will also benefit the customers get a water pump delivered at their doorstep. Because of the availability of such a huge product range, customers can choose a water pump as per their  at competitive prices. 

KS Bhatia, Founder, says, “We are changing the way of doing business so that buyers can get the delivery of original products directly from the manufacturers.”  This move will also offer manufacturers an opportunity to list and sell their products instantly. However, the delivery and shipping of products to its customers will be managed by Bhatia hopes that both these steps will fuel sale by increasing the number of customers.

Download mobile app for effortless shopping

However, to educate farmer community about the latest irrigation technologies and many other essential factors, is going to add some special features in its mobile app. Bhatia adds, “Our mobile application is targeting the farmer community main and it will keep them updated about the current farming technology as well as pumping technology through the daily updates.” He explains further, “With this application, we will help farmers and landowners to do farming smartly. We will keep them updated from the industry experts’ advises. This app is Android and iPhone friendly and loaded with a number of features.”
Download Mobile App for Pumpkart
Basically, this app has been designed to spread awareness among the Indian farmer community. It will save farmers’ from the laborious shopping of irrigation water pumps.

•    Save money with lucrative offers and price deals on wide range of water pumps
•    Farmers can buy pocket-friendly water pumps anytime, anywhere
•    Keep them updated about latest happenings in the industry
•    Share tips and tricks on crop care from experts
•    Increase their farm production and financial returns

In addition, pumps are a lifestyle commodity these days and used widely in showers, bathtubs, Jacuzzis and many other products to perform efficiently. Since inception, Pumpkart is growing very fast with more than 5000 unique visitors daily via online. “All the sellers will get the access to our user base, which is increasing on daily bases,” boasts Bhatia. is making the purchasing of submersible pumps, drainage pumps, monoblock pumps, water heaters & geysers, with many other voluminous household items easy. The agriculture industry has already acknowledged as the first entry of e- commerce in the sector.

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