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Polar Water Heaters – A must have for Winters

Polar water heaters – A must have for winters - Pumpkart.com

During winter season, it is important to have apt hot water supply. Water heater is one of the modern appliances that prove useful in catering to domestic hot water requirements. There are varied benefits owing to which these water heaters are used extensively. With the help of water heaters, you never run out of hot water, it is an economical option, it saves considerable amount of space, an economic option and built with modern technology. Seeing all these benefits, the market is flooded with a wide range of water heater’s brands/manufacturers.

Rising above the competition, Polar is one of the desired brands for water heaters. The company has a wide range of water heaters, all of them are known for efficiency, reliability and longevity. You can enjoy buying Polar water heaters, while enjoying the comfort of your home, at pumpkart.com. Here, in addition to a wide range of water heaters, you also get to buy them at affordable prices. Let us discuss some of the best water heaters of Polar which will surely make your buying process easier –

High performance water heaters

Polar 15L Storage Geyser – Aquahot –

Polar 15L Storage Geyser – Aquahot | Buy Polar Aquahot 15L Storage Geyser - Pumpkart.com
The pump is known for durability and high performance. The water heater ensures that you get apt amount of hot water supply whenever you desire. Since, the water heater is made of stainless steel that ensures sturdiness and there is Penta shield safety. The water heater has robust and thick metal body which is power coated and offer apt protection against corrosion. Both power on and heating functions are indicated with neon indicators. Along with a pressure tank, the water heater is an ideal choice for skyscrapers.

Polar 15L Storage Geyser – Marvel –

Polar 15L Storage Geyser – Marvel | Buy Polar Marvel 15L Storage Geysers - Pumpkart.com
This unit is known for saving significant amount of energy. It helps in storing heated water and offers continuous hot water supply when needed. The best thing about the water heater is that it is easy to use and it also gets easily installed. It also enjoys ISI approval and its body is made up of stainless steel which offers apt protection from rust. It is fitted with CFC free thicker PUF insulation that offers absolute protection against radiant heat loss. 

Polar 10L Storage Geyser – Galaxy –

Polar 10L Storage Geyser – Galaxy | Buy Polar Galaxy 10L Storage Geyser Online - Pumpkart.com
The water heater offers hot water that makes your winters more cozy and enjoyable. It has an inventive high-tech heating element. Seeing its high levels of efficiency, it enjoys 5 star ratings. With its high-quality materials, the heating process gets a boost that assists in the delivery of hot water. Various other features of the water heater comprise of – ISI approval, energy efficient, storage tank geyser, corrosion proof, environment friendly and capable of storing 10 litres of water.

Polar 25L Storage Geyser – Zodiac –

Polar 25L Storage Geyser – Zodiac | Buy Polar Zodiac 25L Storage Geyser Online - Pumpkart.com
Zodiac is the model that helps you enjoy all those chilly mornings and evenings with constant supply of hot water. It comes with neon indicators for both heating and power functions. It comes with stainless steel tank that reduces the chances of wear and tear. Owing to its energy efficiency, it has BEE 4 star rating. A high-pressure tank makes it easier to transmit hot water to the high rise buildings. With all these features, it is a perfect domestic product.

Polar 1L Instant Water Heater – Comfort –

Polar 1L Instant Water Heater – Comfort | Buy Polar Comfort 1L Instant Water Heater Online - Pumpkart.com
It is one of the premium water heaters from the house of Polar. It has a stainless steel tank that offers robustness. Making it a reliable product, it enjoys BEE 5 star rating and ISI approval. With its ABS body, it has protection from rust and it makes it durable as well. Offering utmost safety, there is Penta Shield and CFC free extra thick PUF insulation helps in saving significant amount of energy. 

Opting for Polar water heaters assures you that you get invariable hot water supply and at the same time, you get to save significant amount of energy as well. These water heaters are readily available at pumpkart.com. Here, in addition to extensive variety of water heaters, you get to purchase them at cost-effective prices. Moreover, as a buyer, you get to enjoy single step checkout process and multiple payment options that make your buying process hassle-free.

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