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Buying Khaitan water pump at affordable prices

Buying Khaitan water pump at affordable prices | Khaitan Water Pump Dealers Online -
A water pump is one of the modern devices that is put into use for the displacement of water from one location to another and taking water to high-rise buildings. Water pump prove useful for various purposes such as providing water to the irrigation systems, fire fighting, boosting pressure of water in domestic set up and industrial set ups. Seeing the rising dearth of apt water supply, the demand for water pumps has witnessed a significant surge.          

With the increasing demand, there are so many brands which are competing with each other in the quest to be the best. Khaitan has surpassed this stiff competition amongst various pump brands and today it is one of the leading names in the water pump industry. If you are looking to purchase a Khaitan water pump, you can buy at at cost-effective prices. Here, as a user, you get to enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

Let us discuss some of the best Khaitan water pumps which will surely make your buying process easier –

Khaitan Alex Hi Flow (1HP) –

It is one of the best selling self priming monoblock pumps, it is known for its high performance and reliable functioning. The pump has various features that assist in the efficient functioning of the pump. With an aluminum extruded motor body, there is less chances of wear and tear. Owing to its compact size, it can be easily maneuvered from one location to another and it also helps in its easy installation. There is Thermal Overload Protection (TOP) which offers protection from overheating. The pump can be used in hospitals, homes, apartments, gardens and hotels.

Khaitan Mini Gem Alex (0.5HP) –

It is one of the best pumps that cater to domestic water requirements. It is a feature-rich model which only makes this pump special. With TOP (Thermal Overload Protector) there is protection from the motor from getting burnt. The pump has TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) capacitor; it also has Class B insulation & IP 44 protection. The pump has a stainless steel shaft and a high tensile brass impeller. The handling and installation of the pump can is quite easy as it has a compact shape and lightweight.

Khaitan Flowin (0.5HP) –

Flowin is known for its high-performance, sturdy built and efficiency. This pump is designed in a manner that it offers the best hydraulic efficiency. The best thing about the pump is that it offers easy operation and its sleek look. The pump is manufactured using quality materials such as carbon steel, HT Brass, extruded aluminum and cast iron which help in maintaining the longevity of the pump. 

Khaitan Tusker (1HP) –

Tusker is a pure personification of modern technology and high performance. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best self-priming monoblock pumps; the pump aptly caters to domestic and agricultural water requisites. Various features of the pump comprise of stainless steel shaft, TEFC, bronze impeller and sleek body. The pump is used at apartments, gardens, hospitals, nurseries, apartments and lawn sprinklers.

Khaitan Single Phase Openwell Pump KOSS05AS-HH-AR (0.5HP) –

It is one of the popular pumps from the house of Oswal. The pump’s water lubricated bearings have a special design. It has dynamically balanced rotating parts which ensure less vibration & noise level. The pump is capable of functioning underwater; therefore there is no need for the installation of any platform or pump housing. The pump can be used at hotels, hospitals, drip irrigation, sprinklers, industrial water supply, nurseries and apartments.

If you are looking to purchase a Khaitan water pump, you can make a choice from the above discussed pumps at The pumps can be purchased at cost-effective prices and there are other benefits that you get to enjoy which include – single step checkout process, multiple payment options, prompt customer support and affordable prices.

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