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1HP Water Pump Price in India

1HP Water Pump Price in India | Buy 1HP Water Pumps Online -

Whether it is related to irrigational sector, displacement of the fluids or fire fighting, having an efficient water pump will help you to carry out different tasks efficiently and quickly. Entirely depending on the situation, water output and location, you can choose from a wide variety of water pumps. These water pumps are differentiated as per varied powers out of which 1hp pumps enjoy more demand.

If you are wondering to have the best 1hp water pump price in India, you can do the same at Besides 1hp, you get to enjoy wide variety of water pumps. The best part is that you get to choose from some of cherished brands in the water pump fraternity.

Let us get to know the best 1hp water pumps –


Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) –

Oswal Single Phase Sewage Pump OFP-2115 (1HP) | 1HP Oswal Single Phase Water Pumps Online, India -
As the pump undergoes various tests, high quality and high performance are assured. Safe functioning of the motor is also assured with the help of automatic reset motor protector. With the help of epoxy resin cable, the penetration of the water into the motor is checked. It has a long list of features that only makes this pump more efficient such as – semi-open impeller, thermal overload protector, lip seal design, AC thermal motor protector, stainless steel glanded motor and various others.

Crompton Greaves 4” Submersible Single Phase 4CSSF5-1010 (1HP) –

Crompton Greaves 4” Submersible Single Phase 4CSSF5-1010 (1HP) Online, India -
The pump is manufactured using advanced technology and unique design. The pump has advanced hydraulics that assures high levels of efficiency. Probably, one of the best features is that it has low maintenance cost. The lower suction housing is made on precision-cast stainless steel; this makes the pump resistant to corrosion and at the same time maintains durability of the motor. The pump also has a stainless steel non-return valve, this ensure that there is no backflow of water. Both impellers and diffusers have apt protection. Octagonal bearings and sand flush channels help in removing the particles that, usually, accompanies pumped water.

Oswal Monoblock Pump OCP-05-3PH-80F (1HP) –

Oswal Monoblock Pump OCP-05-3PH-80F (1HP) | 1HP Oswal Monoblock Pumps Online, India -
This is one of the best selling 1hp monoblock pumps. The pump has various features that improve its functioning and delivering high efficiency. The pump is powered by totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) AC induction motor. Varnish impregnated windings are made up of enameled copper wire, thus ensuring utmost resistance. With the help of well-balanced rotor, vibration and noise free functioning is assured. Its high operating efficiency guarantees lower consumption of power. With its sturdy built, you get an assurance of pump’s longevity.

Oswal Shallow Well Pump OMP-9(SH-WLL) (CI) (1HP) –

Oswal Shallow Well Pump OMP-9(SH-WLL) (CI) (1HP) | Buy 1HP Oswal Shallow Well Pump Online, India -
A totally enclosed fan cooled, AC induction motor, powers the pump. With well-balanced rotor, there is vibration and noiseless functioning. Various features of the pump include – high working pressure, good self-priming capability, impressive operating efficiency, dynamically balanced rotating parts and an apt choice for wide voltage fluctuations. This unit is an ideal choice for – nurseries, industries, apartments, hospitals and domestic water supply.

The above discussed and various other water pumps are readily available at You get to enjoy various perks when you shop here which comprise of – cost-effective prices, single step checkout process, prompt customer support services and varied payment methods.

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