Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Buy Bosch aqt 37-13 online

Buy Bosch aqt 37-13 online | Bosch aqt 37-13 Dealers India - Pumpkart.com

With the availability of so many models and brands available for home and car washer, it obviously becomes a daunting task to choose the best one. You always wanted a product that is easy to use, highly efficient; bear a compact size and most importantly should be of a cherished brand. Well, if these are your specific requirements then Bosch aqt 37-13 will aptly caters to your requirements. This particular model of Bosch is one of the best selling models of Bosch.

If you really want to enjoy best deals, you can purchase this model at pumpkart.com. Here, you get to enjoy holistic information about the pressure washer and all the details that really matters for you. Let us first get to know some key considerations that will surely help you in making a smart decision –

  • First and foremost, the main thing that matters for any pressure washer is the pressure. If the pressure is higher, it can force the dirt and other impurities to be removed from the car and clean surfaces of your house. Pressure gets measured in bars and when you go through the specifications, you will get familiar with the apt pressure that the pressure washer is capable of. Watts also plays a crucial role as higher the number, better will be the performance.
  • Wheels and its total weight also bear significance. Imagine carrying a bulky pressure washer every time you have to wash your car or house surfaces. It surely would be a cumbersome task and will end up making you weary. Make sure that it comes with a long hose; this will be helpful for larger gardens and for car cleaning.  
  • Using the right attachments and accessories will also make things easier for you. It is imperative that you first establish varied tasks for which you require a pressure washer and then decide a washer that comes along with relevant attachments.

About Bosch AQT 37-13

It is one of the efficient car washers from the house of Bosch. The brand is well-known for manufacturing household appliances, garden tools, power tools and much more. The main thing that stands out is its 1700 w power that helps you give pressurized cleaning whether for your ride or patio. Three in one nozzle is also one of the unique features of this pressure washer that make it unique. In order to carry out different cleaning tasks, it comes with wide variety of accessories.

Various other features comprise of quick connect fittings, auto stop function, and accessories holder. Talking particularly about auto stop function, it really comes handy in saving considerable amount of power. The technical specifications comprise of – maximum pressure is of 130 bar, maximum operating pressure is 370l/h, maximum flow temperature is 40 °C.

When it comes to weight (with no accessories) it is 6,53kg. In addition to this, it has a compact size which makes it easier to maneuver it from one location to another.

If you want to purchase Bosch AQT 37-13 online, you can enjoy cost-effective prices at pumpkart.com. In addition to this, making your online shopping experience more rewarding, you get to enjoy wide variety, single step checkout process, prompt customer support service and various payment methods.

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