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Buy CRI Water Pumps Online

Buy CRI Water Pumps Online | CRI Water Pumps Dealers India -

There are so many water pumps which cater to varied domestic, commercial and agricultural water requirements. Talking particularly about agriculture and residential pumpsets, there are so many brands which are manufacturing these pumps. But, if you want quality and performance-based water pumps, CRI tops the list. The brand is known to have a wide range of water pumps and if you want to buy CRI water pumps online, you can do the same from  

At this portal, CRI water pumps can be purchased at affordable prices. In order to make a smart choice, it is important that you have apt knowledge about the best pumps from the company.

Let us discuss about these pumps in detail –

CRI Self Priming Monoblock Pump PSM-7 (1HP) –

CRI Self Priming Monoblock Pump PSM-7 (1HP) | 1HP CRI Monoblock Pumps Online, India -
It is one of the innovative pumps and it has certainly set new benchmarks in the water pump industry. The pump fulfills all the quality parameters and manufacturing guidelines which assure quality performance. Along with 1hp motor, the pump is capable of functioning for long hours. The pump is capable of functioning in both low & high temperatures. With its self-priming feature, it supports trouble-free start. The pump has a compact and sturdy built, which helps in convenient maneuvering of the pump from one location to another. It assists in the easy installation of the pump as well. 

CRI Self Priming Monoblock Pump PSM-3 (0.5HP) –

CRI Self Priming Monoblock Pump PSM-3 (0.5HP) | 0.5HP CRI Monoblock Pumps Online, India -
CRI is a company which assures quality and high performance in every product that they manufacture, this particular pumpset is no exception. The pump is equipped with premium volute impeller & chamber which are designed in a manner that it results in high hydraulic efficiency. Being an electric driven pumpset and alongwith various other characteristics, this unit is an ideal choice for both industrial and domestic usage. 

CRI Centrifugal Regenerative Monoblock Pump PWM-3 (0.5HP) –

CRI Centrifugal Regenerative Monoblock Pump PWM-3 (0.5HP) | 0.5HP CRI Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Online, India -
This pumpset has volute chamber & impellers which are made to offer utmost hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. It is power-driven via totally enclosed fan cooled AC induction two pole motor which helps the pump to function for extra hours. With dynamically balanced rotor, noise and vibration free function is assured. It also helps in increasing the life of the seal & bearings. Windings are made of premium enameled copper wire and they are vanish impregnated.     

CRI Open Well Pump CSM3E 3P 65x50 DOL H.OW (S-TY) (5HP) –

This pump is an ideal choice for the tanks and openwells where there is wide fluctuation of water is noticed. It mainly functions underwater and stays at the bottom of the well. The water lubricated bearings are designed in a way that they are capable of enduring axial thrust loads with less wear & tear. Pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm is offered that offer protection from volume & pressure variation of water that takes place in the motor.

CRI Open Well Pump CSM-46 3P 65x50 DOL SS H.OW (S4-TY) (7.5HP) –

CRI Open Well Pump CSM-46 3P 65x50 DOL SS H.OW (S4-TY) (7.5HP) | 7.5HP CRI Open Well Pump Online, India -
If you want a well pump for tanks or openwells, this particular unit will surely fulfill your requirements. With uniquely designed water lubricated bearings, the pump can easily endure axial thrust loads. The motor sealing is manufactured by polymers, sand guard, O rings and oil seals which protect the ingression of sand/water in the motor. 

If you are looking for attractive price deals on CRI water pumps online, make sure you visit In addition to this, you get to enjoy wide variety of water pumps, prompt customer support and different payment methods etc.

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