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Buy Shakti Water Pumps Online

Buy Shakti water pumps online

When you need a water pump, there is one thought in the back of your mind that how you are going to make a smart choice with a wide variety available. Well, this is a common situation that takes place with everybody. There is only one solution for this problem i.e. knowing the best brand in the water pumps industry. Talking about the best water pump brand, Shakti has become a unanimous choice of the users.

If you are looking to purchase Shakti water pumps online, you can do the same at Here you get to enjoy an extensive variety of Shakti water pumps which are known to offer high performance, reliable functioning and long life. In order to make a smart choice, it is important to be familiar with the best pumps.

Following are some of the best pumps –

Shakti Three Phase Open Well Pump SHOS 40-200 (10HP) –

Shakti Three Phase Open Well Pump SHOS 40-200 (10HP) | 10HP Shakti Three Phase Open Well Pump Online, India -
Along with contemporary design and high performance, this particular pumps is one of the best selling water pumps of Shakti. The best part is that you don’t require any separate foundation while installing the pump. The pump is an ideal choice when it comes to underwater application, moreover you don’t need for foot valve or priming. It is easy to maintain the pump and its spare parts are also easily available.

  • Power Rating (KW): 7.5
  • Pressure (BAR): 4.3
  • Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute): 840

Shakti Single Phase Open Well Pump SOMB 25-160 (1HP) –

Shakti Single Phase Open Well Pump SOMB 25-160 (1HP) | 1HP Shakti Open Well Pumps Online, India -
Being a feature-rich model, it has more demand and it also helps in efficient functioning. For the manufacturing, premium materials are being used which assures its sturdiness and longevity. Its energy saving features and efficiency successfully meets the global standards. The pump offers noiseless and vibration free functioning. Wits compact design, it helps in easy installation and it becomes easier to maneuver the pump from one place to another.

  • Power Rating (KW): 0.75
  • Pressure (BAR): 2.9
  • Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute): 60

Shakti Single Phase Open Well Pump SOMB 30-136 (1HP) –

Shakti Single Phase Open Well Pump SOMB 30-136 (1HP) | 1HP Shakti Single Phase Open Well Pumps India -
The pump is known for its efficient functioning, modern design, longevity and unique features. The pump undergoes various tests that ensure its high efficiency. The pump can be used for decorative water fountains, cater to industrial water requirements, agricultural lift sprinkler and urban & rural draining water installations. 

  • Power Rating (KW): 0.75
  • Pressure (BAR): 1.5
  • Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute): 180

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SJP 5 (1HP) –

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SJP 5 (1HP) | 1HP Shakti Pressure Booster Pumps Online, India -
If you want to purchase a booster pump, then this pump will surely fulfills your varied needs & requirements. The pump is used with a pressure switch and a pressure tank which helps in maintaining sufficient pressure control in the water supply. It has noiseless functioning, making it an ideal choice for fulfilling domestic requirements.

  • Power Rating (KW): 0.75
  • Pressure (BAR): 0.5
  • Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute): 54

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 4-5 (1.5HP) –

Shakti Pressure Booster Pump SH 4-5 (1.5HP) | Buy 1.5HP Shakti Pressure Booster Pump Online, India -
The pump aptly caters to both industrial and domestic applications. It has a stainless steel design and there is no noise while functioning. The pump has a sturdy built which offers long life to the pump and with its compact shape; it is easier to maneuver the pump from one location to another.

  • Power Rating (KW): 1.1
  • Pressure (BAR): 3.2
  • Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute): 67

Make the most of the above discussed Shakti water pumps and enjoy cost effective prices when you shop at In addition to affordable price factor, you get to enjoy single step checkout process, different payment options and prompt customer support service.

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