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Different types of agricultural water pumps online

Different types of agricultural water pumps online | Agriculture Pumps Dealers India -

There is no doubt that water is one of the abundance resources on earth today. Water and agricultural sector goes hand in hand. Water is very important when we talk about agricultural sector. Water helps in increasing agricultural production and this is where water pump plays a pivotal role. Today, there is a wide variety of agricultural water pumps available.

These agricultural pumps are readily available at and you can make your choice from extensive variety. The best part is that you get to choose from some of the best brands in the water pump industry.

Let us discuss some of the best agricultural water pumps online –

Oswal 3” Submersible Single Phase OSO-5 SF D (1HP) –

Oswal 3” Submersible Single Phase OSO-5 SF D (1HP) | 1HP Oswal Submersible Single Phase Online, India -
The pump is an ideal choice for agricultural use. The pump is loaded with modern features that make the pump more efficient while functioning. The pump is oil-filled which offers the pump longer life and reduces the chances of wear & tear. The pump follows TOP guidelines which ensure high-quality and utmost safety. It also helps in saving power as it consumes less power. It functions with better discharge and it is quite convenient to repair. While functioning, there is no noise.

Kirloskar KDS-212+ Monoblock Pump (2HP) –

Kirloskar KDS-212+ Monoblock Pump (2HP) | 2HP Kirloskar KDS Monoblock Pumps Online, India -
With this pump, you can be rest assured that you can aptly fulfill agricultural water requirements. The pump is known to have strong built, efficient functioning, modern features and compact size. All these features make this pump as one of the most sought after agriculture water pumps. The pump is capable to endure wide voltage fluctuations from 180 to 240v. There is less noise and vibration while functioning, owing to dynamically balanced rotating parts. Along with cast iron impeller, delivery casing, the pump can be used for gardening and agricultural purposes.

Oswal 4” Submersible Single Phase OSO-40 F (1HP) –

Oswal 4” Submersible Single Phase OSO-40 F (1HP) | 1HP Oswal 4" Submersible Single Phase Pump Online, India -
If you are wondering about a pump that offers high performance, sturdy built, reliability and slender shape then you can never go wrong with this pump. The pump is aptly designed and built using advanced technology. It is also suitable for underwater applications. It has lightweight and it is made up of stainless steel. The pump can also be easily repaired and it is corrosion resistant as well. With the help of low power consumption, the pump is able to maintain high levels of efficiency. The pump offers vibration and noiseless functioning.

Kirloskar Submersible Pump Radial Flow KS6D-0504-3PH (5HP) –

Kirloskar Submersible Pump Radial Flow KS6D-0504-3PH (5HP) | 5HP Kirloskar Water Pumps Online, India -
The pump is well-known for its sturdy built, high performance and wide variety of features. Along with these elements, there is less consumption of power. Along with dynamically balanced rotating parts, the pump maintains noiseless and vibration free functioning. There is water lubricated, super finished bush bearings, there is least amount of friction and maintains high efficiency. 

Kirloskar KS4H-3009 Water Filled Submersible Pump-3PH (3HP) –

Kirloskar KS4H-3009 Water Filled Submersible Pump-3PH (3HP) | 3HP Kirloskar Pumps Online, India -
It is a cherished water filled submersible pump. The pump has slender shape, lightweight and offer efficient functioning. The pump can also endure voltage fluctuations from 160 to 240v for single phase and 280 to 440v for three phase. Along with hygienic operations, the pump can be used for drinking water applications. With dynamically balanced rotating parts, there is less vibration and noise level.

If you want to purchase the best of agriculture pumps, you can purchase at You get to enjoy attractive price range, extensive variety, prompt customer support, single step checkout process and varied payment methods. All these elements will surely make your online shopping experience worthwhile.

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