Monday, February 2, 2015

Largest Online Shopping Marketplace in India

Largest Online Shopping Marketplace in India -

Talking about the modern times, online business is the latest technology-oriented trading method that is reaping huge benefits. If you are eying to purchase a water pump and want to make overall online shopping experience enjoyable, you can explore extensive options at The portal aspires to be the largest online marketplace of the world especially for water pumps. has successfully become a platform where the whole buying and selling experience of water pumps have become hassle free. They have launched a marketplace for both small and major pump manufacturers so that they can showcase their products and extend their reach to wider target audiences online. Cementing their standing now the buyers can shop, using the official android app, while staying in any part of the world.        

The main reason of launching the marketplace is to bring more than 4000 pump manufacturers and sanitary ware retailers together on one common platform. This will give them an opportunity of listing & selling their respective products straight to the target users. This model will also equip the buyers to get their products delivered right at their doorsteps. Owing to a vast product range, the customers get to enjoy the freedom of buying their desired products at cost-effective prices.

KS Bhatia, Founder, is of the view, with the launch of this online portal, we are revolutionizing the whole way of how the business is being carried out. This way the customers can buy genuine products straight from the manufacturers end. This move will also put the manufacturers into driver’s seat where there they get to sell their products right away. However, will take the responsibility of the shipping and delivery of the product to its users. Mr. Bhatia anticipates that with the help of these two steps, sale will get a boost via surging the number of customers. official android application

Seeing the rising awareness of mobile usage in the Indian farmer community, is taking varied initiatives of educating this community about the modern irrigation technologies via its app. Mr. Bhatia says that the main target, of our app, is to educate the farmer community. With the help of app, the farmers will be made aware about the latest & modern technology in the field of agriculture via regular updates. He added that this app will assist both the landowners & farmers to carry out faming in a smarter & effective way. We will also keep the farmers in loop by providing them suggestions from the industry’s leading experts.

This app will also come handy while shopping for different & best irrigation water pumps. Following are the key features of the app –

  • Assist in staying abreast to the latest happenings in the agricultural industry.
  • Assist in saving significant amount of money via attractive discounts and affordable price range on different range of water pumps.
  • It equips the farmers to purchase different water pumps at cost-effective prices while staying anywhere across the globe.
  • Sharing different tips & tricks on crop care and modern technology.

It can be summed up here that if you are looking to purchase monoblock pumps, submersible pumps, drainage pumps, water heaters and various other home appliances, you can find all these under one roof i.e. Here is wishing happy shopping to the customers!!

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