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Kirloskar Pump Dealers in Bangalore

Kirloskar pump dealers in Bangalore | Buy Kirloskar Water Pumps in Bangalore -
Whether you are an Indian or belong to some foreign land, the city of Bangalore (now known as Bengaluru) is known to everybody. There are varied reasons that make the city what it is today, which comprise of being IT hub of the nation, lush green surroundings, different sightseeing, diverse culture and not to forget its awesome weather. The city also hold significance in different developmental areas including – technology, education and medical services.

Commerce and agriculture are also two sectors which have experienced immense growth in the past couple of years. Despite of being such an advanced and developed city, water shortage has haunted the city again and again. This has led to extensive demand of water pumps here. If you are looking for the best pump brand then you can choose Kirloskar water pumps. If you are wondering to purchase Kirloskar pump, you can avail attractive price at It is one of the best Kirloskar pump dealers in Bangalore which has become one of the sought after destinations to purchase quality & reliable water pumps.

Make a smart choice from the following discussed Kirloskar pumps –

Kirloskar Jalraj (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Jalraj (0.5HP) Dealers in Bangalore | Buy 0.5HP Kirloskar Jalraj in Bangalore -
Jalraj is one of the performance-based pumps from the house of Kirloskar. Being feature rich, the pump maintains efficient functioning. The pump has a sturdy built, which considerably reduces the chances of wear & tear, thus increasing the life of the pump. With Thermal Overload Protector (TOP), the motor has apt protection. The motor can also endure wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. The pump also has lightweight and compact size, making it easier to carry and install. TEFC capacitor starts and runs the motor.

Kirloskar Star (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Star (0.5HP) Dealers Bangalore | Buy 0.5HP Kirloskar Star in Bangalore -

Just like its name, it offers star performance. You can be rest assured about high performance and high levels of efficiency. The pump is built in a manner that it aptly caters to varied requirements. With double shielded ball bearings, you don’t have to bother about external lubrication. Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) offer right amount of protection to the motor from any burning incident. The spares parts are easily available and above all, it is easy to maintain. Its lightweight helps in easy maneuverability of the pump.

Kirloskar Wonder-III Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Wonder-III Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) Dealers Bangalore | Buy 0.5HP Kirloskar Monoblock Pumps in Bangalore -
Enjoy wondrous functioning with this unit from Kirloskar. The pump has all the modern features that make this pump perform efficiently and assist in its extensive demand. The pump is capable of withstanding wide voltage fluctuation from 180 to 240 volts. It has aluminum extruded motor body with a capacitor inside the terminal box. It is fitted with TOP (Thermal Overload Protector) which offers longevity to the pump.

Kirloskar Mini-40S Monoblock Pump (1HP) –

Kirloskar Mini-40S Monoblock Pump (1HP) Dealers Bangalore | Buy Kirloskar Mini 40S Online in Bangalore -
The pump is available in both single and double phase. In order to avoid any incidence of fire, the pump has thermal overload protector (TOP). It has chrome plated shaft, which evade rust issues. It is useful in lawn sprinklers, watering gardens, overhead tanks and pressure booster systems. It can easily endure voltage fluctuations from 180 to 240v.

In addition to above discussed Kirloskar water pumps, you get to choose from a wide range of other branded water pumps at There are various additional perks that you get to enjoy when you shop here which comprise of attractive prices, easy location of pumps, varied payment methods and prompt customer support.  

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