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Pumpkart Emerging As a Big Name in the Online Marketplace

Pumpkart Emerging As a Big Name in the Online Marketplace

Everyday changing trends in marketing has changed the way people use to buy products in the recent years. Businesses have realized the significance of marketing and found new ways to let people know about their products or services. Same is the case when it comes to buying water pumps. Yes, that’s true! World of E-commerce hardly needs any introduction ahead of its name. We are living in a well developed world so it’s good if you are into those well-educated people who hurriedly turn to open up an E-commerce portal whenever they need to buy things quick. Understanding the importance of being online, many traders from small vendors to bigger champs are turning to set their feet in this never ending race of “Who is gonna wear that champ’s crown“? 

India, with an internet user base of 250.2 million approx. is penetrating the world of e-commerce so rapidly and many of the big names are already there holding the champ’s tag ahead of their brand names. Statistics have concluded that Indian e-commerce market was worth about $3.8 billion in 2009 and the graph went upwards to $12.6 billion by the year of 2013. It’s an exceptionally growing trend which is going to cross all boundaries in the upcoming years. 

What Is An Online Marketplace?

If you have just heard of a new term called “Online marketplace” and how is that related to “e-commerce”, let me clear this to you. An online marketplace is basically an e-commerce website where information and products are placed by multiple third party owners whereas the transaction is processed by the e-commerce site’s owner.

What Pumpkart Has To Offer You?

Regenerating the figures, Pumpkart has emerged as a big name in the e-commerce industry and has appeared out to be one stop shop for all your requirements related to water pumps. Many of the big brands are taking the advantage of making visible their products to millions of internet users via this one and the only portal of water pumps. 

Water pumps are categorized as submersible pumps, booster pumps, monoblock pumps, borewell pumps and much more with varying motor powers, flow range and head range are placed on the website. Everything is easily assessable via a smoother browsing experience. Irrespective of whether you are seeking to have a water pump for domestic purposes or commercial use, everything can be bought by a single click of mouse. In addition, COD, Net-banking, EMI options are available to help customers in buying everything that they want. 

Pumpkart is well ahead in the competition by providing water pump solutions to more than 500 major domestic and commercial buildings and also aiming to enlarge its business overseas in the upcoming years. 

Why Pumpkart Is A Great Place To Buy Pumps?

Convenient Shopping

Buying pumps on a retail store and carrying it to your destination can be quite tough. With Pumpkart, you are not in the hassle to carry the device to your home. 

Read Before You Buy

Buying water pumps from the retailers can be sometimes tough if you don’t have the knowledge about what you are buying. Pumpkart has all the little information that you need to know before buying a water pump. 

Great Discounts

When you are purchasing a water pump, you might be looking to have a pump with some discount on the real MRP. While shopping with Pumpkart, you get to enjoy the very best of discounts that you certainly can’t get on a retail store.

Easy Payment Options

Pumpkart has easy payment solutions such as COD (cash on delivery), Net banking and EMI so as to make your shopping super-convenient and to ease your pocket. 

Everyday new manufacturers with new technologies are entering the market, so it’s quite hard for the buyers to make a selection. And because of this reason, pumpkart has engineered this concept to bring all those manufacturers together under one roof and so far, buyers are getting what they have always wished for!  

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