Thursday, April 23, 2015

Buy Ujala Pumps Online

Buy Ujala Pumps Online | Ujala Pumps Dealers India -

Ujala, is a famous brand of water pumps which has been known and recognized nationwide in the recent years. These pumps are known for quality and uniqueness and are proved out to be great due to their high efficiency engines. At Pumpkart, you will get to explore through a wide range of water pumps for domestic use and commercial use. 

Let us find out which pumps are most recommended for your home:

Ujala USP-III (1HP)

Ujala USP-III (1HP) Online | Buy Ujala 1HP USP-III in India -
Ujala USP – III features a 1HP motor which is capable to drive water with a flow rate of 40 litre per minute. With a high end design and superb functionality, the pump is able to raise the pressure of water upto 1.8 BARs. In addition, the pump is highly suitable to be used in varied domestic and commercial applications.

Ujala Shallow Jet (1.1HP)

Ujala Shallow Jet (1.1HP) Online | Buy 1.1HP Ujala Shallow Jet Pump India -
Ujala Shallow Jet (1.1HP) is highly efficient and durable to be used in domestic homes. The pump comes with a 1.1HP motor which is capable to deliver water with a flow rate of 53 litre per minute and a pressure of 1.8 BARs. This pump is certainly the best fit to be used in modern homes or sprinkler systems where gardening is required.

Ujala Big flow -I (1HP)

Ujala Big flow -I (1HP) Online | Buy 1Hp Ujala Big Flow-I in India -
This Ujala Big flow –I (1HP) pump features a powerful 1HP motor which is capable to drive water with a flow rate of 23 litre per minute. With a high efficient engine, the pump is powerful enough to take water from one place to another with a pressure range of 1.8 BARs. Apart from that, its superb design and trouble free installation places it in the hit list of the customers.

Ujala Force (1HP)

Ujala Force (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Ujala Force in India -
Ujala Force (1HP) features a high end 1HP motor which is strong enough to drive water with a flow rate of 23 litre per minute. With its numerous uses and supreme outlook, the pump plays a big role in carrying water to your household water lines along with its other commercial uses. The pump is just to be used in sprinklers and small farms.

Ujala Force (0.5HP)

Ujala Force (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Ujala Force in India -
Ujala Force (0.5HP) is another wonderful option that you have in the monoblock family. With a high end motor and supreme capability to drag water with 20 litre per minute, the pump finds its best use in domestic applications and other garden sprinkler systems. Apart from its numerous advantages, this pump is best for small farms and other agricultural uses.

Due to everyday increasing water demands, many new brands are hitting in the stores. Some are getting appreciated while the rest are still under curtains. Ujala is one of those brands which always remain in conversation when it comes to the water pumps. If you are looking to buy Ujala pumps at best price, you can buy them at Pumpkart with easy payment options and home delivery facilities.

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