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Famous Pump Suppliers in India

Famous Pump Suppliers in India | Water Pumps Suppliers Online -

Water pumps have become a major necessity nowadays due to the shortage of water in the taps. Reason might be whatsoever, maybe it’s the urbanization or busy water lines however this is a fact that every home is dependent on water for accomplishing their daily core tasks. This is why; the pump suppliers have gained enough popularity in the recent years. This article represents some of the famous pump manufacturers and suppliers which are leading the water pump industry since many years.

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

Kirloskar Water Pump Suppliers Online, India -
Kirloskar Brothers Limited, also known by its abbreviation KBL, is a world class pump manufacturer and supplier with years of expertise in their hands. Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, this is a $2.1 billion dollar group. The company is popular for their supplying high end fluid management solutions and manufacturing large inventory of monoblock pumps.

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

Crompton Greaves Water Pump Suppliers Online, India -
Crompton Greaves Limited, another popular name in manufacturing water pumps, has been a pioneer since its establishment in 1937. The company is recognized as one of the world’s leading engineering corporations and providing high end water pump solutions since years. The brand is popular for manufacturing water pumps for both domestic and agricultural use.

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt ltd.

Grundfos Pumps Suppliers, India -
Being a 100% subsidiary of Grundfos Denmark, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying water pumps. Grundfos India is headquartered in Chennai and has its 20 branch offices. With an average production of 16 million pump units annually, this brand is pioneering the water pump industry since years.

KSB Pumps Ltd.

KSB Water Pumps Suppliers Online, India -
Being a global leader in pump industry, KSB has been a big name which manufactures a wide range of water pumps and valves. Founded in 1960, the KSB pumps Ltd. is a subsidiary of KSB group and is one of the top manufactures in producing water pumps across the globe.

Lubi Pumps Ltd.

Lubi Water Pumps Suppliers Online, India -
Established in the year of 1965, the Lubi pumps Ltd is located in Gujarat, India. Having a dedicated team of more than 2500 employees Lubi holds a capacity to manufacture 700000 pump units in a year. With 18 branches across the nation, Lubi is a market leader in producing water pumps since years.

Texmo Industries

Texmo Water Pumps Suppliers Online, India -
Since its establishment in 1956, Texmo industries have been gaining pace and popularity due to their consistent growth and achievements. Employing more than 1800 people, this popular pump manufacturing company has turnover of over 3 billion INR annually which makes it stand in the list of industry leaders.

C.R.I. Pumps Private Ltd.

C.R.I. Water Pump Suppliers Online, India -
C.R.I. Pumps Private Limited is one of the famous water pumps brand which has been providing end-to-end water pump solutions for small farms and other big industrial purposes. Producing over 1.5 million pumps annually, this famous brand has been rated as one of the best brands of water pumps worldwide.

V-Guard Industries Ltd.

V-Guard Water Pump Suplliers Online, India -
Incorporated in 1996, V-Guard industries Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of products ranging from the electric water heaters, cables, UPS to water pumps and other electrical appliances. This popular brand has been leading the industry since long time with revenues crossing several millions.

The water pump market is an ever growing market and all the above mentioned manufacturers are on the top of the list. At Pumpkart, you will find all these popular manufacturers under one roof. You can buy pump of your favorite manufacturer without having to leave your home. Apart from that, easy payment options make your shopping simple and super convenient. 

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