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Where to buy Kirloskar Monoblock Pumps Online

Where to buy Kirloskar monoblock pumps online |

There are different types of water pumps in the market, but monoblock pump is one of the best selling and the most favored one. There are so many reasons that make monoblock as one of the favored water pumps. This has also given a boost to the number of monoblock pumps manufacturers. Kirloskar is a brand that has a wide range of water pumps, valves, hydro turbines and packaged systems. With these products, you can be rest assured about quality, reliability and long life.

If you are looking to purchase Kirloskar self priming monoblock pumps online, then is the portal that you need to check. Besides Kirloskar, here you get to purchase water pumps from some of the other leading brands as well.

Following are some of the best selling pumps from Kirloskar –

Kirloskar V-Flow Self Priming Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar V-Flow Self Priming Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) | Buy 0.5HP Kirloskar V-Flow Monoblock Pump Online, India -
It is one of the advanced monoblock pumps. The pump is well-known for trouble free and reliable functioning. The motor is capable of enduring wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. With its unique processed steel shaft, there is apt protection against corrosion. With TOP (thermal overload protector), there is protection for the motor. It is also fitted with high quality & long life mechanical seal.

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock pump MINI-50S (1HP) –

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock Pump MINI-50S (1HP) | Buy 1HP Kirloskar Mini Monoblock Pump Online, India -
If you are looking to purchase a performance based self priming monoblock pump then this particular pump can be a right selection. The pump has a strong built and along with that chrome plated shaft has protection from rust. With its shielded ball bearings, the pump does not require any external lubrication. Various other features of the pump comprise of – capacitor inside terminal box, IP 44 protection, Class B insulation and capable of withstanding voltage fluctuations from 180 to 240 volts.

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock Pump MINI-28S (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock Pump MINI-28S (0.5HP) | Buy Kirloskar Mini -28S Pump Online, India -
The pump is known for offering efficient functioning and with its stainless steel body, sturdiness is maintained. The locked impeller assures an efficient functioning of the pump. There is right protection from rust with stainless steel shaft. High quality aluminum extruded motor body assure less chances of wear and tear. The pump can be used in hospitals, hotels,     watering gardens, overhead tanks and farmhouses.

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock Pump Jalraaj (1HP) –

Kirloskar Self Priming Monoblock Pump Jalraaj (1HP) | Buy 1HP Kirloskar Jalraaj Online, India -
Kirloskar is an ISO certified company which is known to manufacture quality products and this pump is no exception. The motor is manufactured in a manner that it can endure wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240 volts. The pump has a compact size which makes it easier to maneuver from one location to another. Compact size and lightweight also helps in easy installation of the pump.

Kirloskar Self Primimg Monoblock Pump Jalraaj (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Self Primimg Monoblock Pump Jalraaj (0.5HP) | Buy 0.5HP Kirloskar Jalraaj Monoblock Pumps Online, India -
This is one of the desired monoblock pumps from Kirloskar. The pump is loaded with modern features which assist the pump in maintaining efficient functioning. TEFC capacitor helps in starting and running of the motor. It is an ideal selection for the areas with wide voltage fluctuations. The pump can be used in apartments, overhead tanks, bungalows, hotels and farmhouses.

Make sure you buy Kirloskar monoblock pumps from at affordable prices. Here, you get to enjoy online shopping with a single step checkout process. Here, you also get to enjoy multiple payment options and an extensive range of branded water pumps.

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