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Buy Kirloskar pumps online

Buy Kirloskar pumps online
When you have to choose a water pump, one of the key things that matters the most is the brand. When you choose a branded water pump, you can be rest assured that you will get quality assurance and efficient functioning. There is one brand that enjoys this same reputation –Kirloskar. It is a brand that has a wide range of quality pumps that caters to varied applications.

Nowadays, the trend of online shopping is fast catching up. If you are looking to buy Kirloskar pumps online, it can be done easily at When you shop here, you will surely get a pump as per your needs and requirements. In order to make a smart decision, it is imperative that you have the knowledge of the best Kirloskar pumps. So, following are some of the best selling water pumps from Kirloskar –

Kirloskar Jalraj Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar Jalraj Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) Dealers Online, India -
Jalraj is one of the best-selling pumps of Kirloskar. The pump so many features that make this pump to stand out in the competition. The motor has apt safety, with Thermal Overload Protector (TOP). The terminal box has a capacitor and has B Class insulation. Totally enclosed fan cooled capacitor starts and run the motor. Motor can easily withstand voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. It compact size helps in easy maneuverability.

Kirloskar V Flow Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar 4" Submersible Single Phase 8 Stage KU4-0708S (1.02HP) Dealers Online, India -
V Flow is a model that enjoys global recognition. The pump is also uniquely designed that makes it appealing. As the pump has a brass impeller, the pump is easy to service. With its strong built, there are less chances of pump’s wear and tear, thus offering long life. The motor can easily endure wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. Specially processed steel shaft is responsible for offering high resistance and sturdiness to the pump. There is no need for external lubrication as the pump has both sided shielded ball bearing.

Kirloskar Mini-50S Monoblock Pump (1HP) –

Kirloskar Mini-50S Monoblock Pump (1HP) Dealers Online, India -
Without any doubt, it is the most desired monoblock pump. The pump can easily withstand voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. There is protection for the motor in the form of TOP (thermal overload protector). The shaft is chrome plated which offer right amount of protection from rust. Various other features of the pump include – self priming up to 3m, Class B insulation, IP 44 protection, etc. Carrying the pump is easy as it has compact shape and it also helps in easy installation.

Kirloskar CMS Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) –

Kirloskar CMS Monoblock Pump (0.5HP) Dealers Online, India -
If you are looking for a quality monoblock pump then for this pump and you don’t need to give a second thought. Brass impeller offer easy servicing. Thermal Overload Protector offer protection to the motor. You can be rest assured about the efficient functioning of the pump. Motor is designed in a manner that it easily endures voltage fluctuations from 180-240v.

Kirloskar Jalraj-1 Monoblock Pump (1HP) –

Kirloskar Jalraj-1 Monoblock Pump (1HP) Dealers Online, India -
Jalraj-1 successfully fulfills all your needs and requirements. The terminal box has a capacitor and the pump can easily prime up to 3meters static suction lift without needing foot valve. The motor can easily endure wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240v. With its compact shape, it can be easily carried from one place to another and it also helps in easy installation. With TOP (thermal overload protector), there is protection to the motor from any probable mishap. 

You can choose a pump from the above discussed pumps from Kirloskar or from the vast variety available at You get to purchase these pumps at discounted prices. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy single step checkout process, varied payment methods, prompt customer support and extensive variety to choose from.

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