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2015’s Best Affordable Monoblock Pumps

2015’s Best Affordable Monoblock Pumps |

It is always good to buy a product after complete research and a review of its features! This is because it helps you to find the best product at affordable prices straightforwardly. Similar the case, when you are thinking of buying a monoblock pump for domestic use! As you know pumping device is a complete technical  product and being a first time buyer, it is very easy to be trapped. Though it is good if you do online and offline research related to this technology to get a detail about the best affordable monoblock pumps available in the market. It is very rare where you can find the genuine information on the subject of the pumps, but, an online marketplace for water pumps aims to break the myths concerning this equipment. Here is the list of 2015’s Best Affordable Monoblock Pumps. Most of the pumps mentioned here are self primed and appreciated by users as starting them is a painless process:

Why Only These Pump Units

  • Most of these pumps cost less than Rs. 5000.00.
  • They usually not affected by the technology up gradation
  • They posses a smart design and colour.
  • Appreciated for robust performance in tough condition.

Crompton Greaves Mini Pacific II (0.5HP)

Crompton Greaves Mini Pacific II (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Crompton Greaves Mini Pacific India -
It seems that the company has launched this pump for kicking off poor performance and built issue of a pump.  Crompton Greaves Mini Pacific II (0.5HP) is a small pump that addressed all concerns related to maintaining a regular water supply in the homes, farms, gardens and small industries. After having a quality test, the company has taken this pump in the market. It is one of the highly sold pumps below Rs. 5000.00 on You get a chance of savings up to 21% on its MRP. You need to pay only Rs.3, 999.00. Its motor is ½ HP with a  6-36 M head range and 46-10 LPM flow range.

Kirloskar Jalraj 1 (1HP)

Kirloskar Jalraj 1 (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Kirloskar Jalraj India -
Next option in this price range is Jalraj 1 (1HP) from the house of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd! It is one another simple and compact designed self supportive pump which is appreciated for regular water circulation in various applications in bungalows, farmhouses, hotels, apartments and pressure booster systems. It has 1 HP motor which is capable to handle voltage fluctuations and protective from overheating. Buyers can buy this pump for Rs.3, 655.00 with savings up to 22% on its MRP with shopping at pumpkart. Its head varies between 3-28 M and have a 67-18 LPM flow range.

Havells Self Priming Monoblock Pump Hi-Flow V2 (0.5HP)

Havells Self Priming Monoblock Pump Hi-Flow V2 (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Havells Monobolock Pump India -
As a result of its energy efficiency feature, buyers prefer to buy this pump! It  has ½ HP motor and self priming nature that make it’s running a less painful process.  Whereas its SS shaft ensures a rust proof performance for a long run and best for outdoor applications. It’s head value is 6-33 M and flow range is  45-11 LPM. You just need to pay Rs.4, 720.00 to buy this device online at pumpkart with an assurance of durability and quality.

Lubi Self Priming Monoblock Pump MDH-27A (0.5HP)

Lubi Self Priming Monoblock Pump MDH-27A (0.5HP) Online, India -
It will be a big deal, if you choose to buy this pump at is because it will give you a chance to save more than 25 % on its MRP! You need to pay only Rs.3, 299.00 to buy this pump. Besides, you can choose EMIs payment option, if you are not ready to pay the all amount one time. It’s an aluminium extruded motor makes it rust resistant and ensure a longer life span.  Its head is 6-30 M and flow range is 43-11 LPM. Whereas its compact size and less weight make easy to move it from place to another.

CRI Self Priming Centrifugal Regenerative Monoblock Pump ENR12 (1HP)

CRI Self Priming Centrifugal Regenerative Monoblock Pump ENR12 (1HP) Online, India -
It’s two pole motor makes it unique from all other pumps of the same category! You can buy it for over 22%  OFF on its MRP. You can buy it for only Rs.4, 050.00. Its motor power is 1 HP  that comes with the fan for cooling purposes. Its  head range is 12-45 M that help to maintain 41-10 LPM flow range. It can withstand efficiently in high voltage fluctuations too.

Always keep in mind that the above mentioned prices are offered for a limited time period  and are subject to change with the availability of stock!

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