Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heavy Discounts on Kirloskar Eterna Pumps Online at Pumpkart

Heavy Discounts on Kirloskar Eterna Pumps Online at Pumpkart

A discount-seeker or price sensitive buyer can visit for the best price deals on water pumps, home needs and many other items! As a latest offer, it is offering 15%-20 % off on Kirloskar clear water submersible pumps! If you are thinking of buying this type of pump set, the below given points are for your use.

You all check out the best deals and discounts online before buying a product! If succeeded to find something interesting as per our wishes, you feel light and happy for the reason that it gives you an opportunity to save money. If you are thinking of buying of Kirloskar Submersible Pumps for Clear Water, you can check out, an online marketplace for water pumps and other related products.

If you need more information, read ahead and to know about current offers on the desired pump unit. However the offers and discounts are updated regularly as per the availability of stock and sellers choice. So be sure whatever you buy you have checked its current price on For items, of price below Rs. 15000, no shipping charges are applied.

Best Price Deals (15 -20 % Off) on Kirloskar Clear Water Submersible Pump ETERNA Series Pumps

If you visit for finding more about ETERNA series pumps, I think you have taken the right decision. Make use of the list given below to find the best deal for you as per your requirements:

  • ETERNA 750SW (1HP)
Kirloskar ETERNA 750SW (1HP) Clear Water Submersible Pump Online, India -
  • ETERNA 1000SW (1.25HP)
Kirloskar ETERNA 1000SW (1.25HP) Clear Water Submersible Pumps Online, India -
  • ETERNA 1300BW (1.75HP)
Kirloskar ETERNA 1300BW (1.75HP) Clear Water Submersible Pump Online, India -
  • ETERNA 1800BW (2.5HP)
Kirloskar ETERNA 1800BW (2.5HP) Clear Water Submersible Pumps Online, India -
Though different prices are offered by different sellers on Kirloskar ETERNA pump sets! ETERNA 750SW (1HP) is a lowest price pump from all the available items on under this segment. For minimum price deal you just need to pay Rs.8, 900.00 with the assurance of early delivery at your home. It has a 1HP motor with 7-1 M head range. It can maintain 52-220 LPM flow range. If you choose ETERNA 1000SW (1.25HP) pump set, you just need to pay Rs.12, 030.00 with 15% OFF deal on MRP. Whereas, its head range 11.5-5.5 M and flow range is 10-200 LPM. If you are looking for a little high flow range, choose ETERNA 1300BW (1.75HP). It can maintain 60-240 LPM flow range with 12-7 M Head Rang. You just need to Rs.17, 705.00. Last but not least, ETERNA 1800BW (2.5HP) motor. Its head range is 11-5 M 60-360 LPM flow range.

All these pump sets are made up of  cast iron and undergone standard test conditions. The run on a   415 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, AC power supply. Compare prices and see the features before to add a pumpset in to your kart. 

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